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A Letter To The Traveller In You

June 1, 2016

Pause. Hold it all for a minute. For I’m about to tell you something that you know far too well.

It’s about time now that you took your dreams seriously. I know that there is that one memo on your phone that has been overpowered by a towering list of obligations; that page on your diary is still waiting to see a tick against it. There will always be unavoidable matters, and tons of other things that you will never be able to excuse yourself from. Travelling is essential, and investing in it will only benefit you.

Bucket List

If you thought you would live your dream of travelling once you’re settled in life; let me tell you, you never settle- there is always room for more and the definition of settling will evolve as you grow. And like John Lennon rightly said: “life is what happens to you when you’re planning it.”


Start today, pin a sticky note way above all your other target goals which will remind you of your dream each day. Save, compromise on your luxuries if need be, allow yourself a time frame, and book an air ticket before your heart succumbs to the pressures of life. Do yourself that favour. Please! Don’t let your older self curse you when you grow old and weak, realising it does get ‘too late’.


Unleash the traveller in you. Great experiences await you!

Author : Leeba Thomas