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A travel guide to Qatar

October 19, 2023
Unlock the secrets of Qatar: A journey through time and modernity, where the past and the future meet at the crossroads of Arabian hospitality and global innovation
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Qatar was a destination where fishing, pearl diving and sea trade supported the economy, but over the years Qatar became a destination that is a well-known hotspot for visitors from across the globe! Host to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar has increased its value in the tourism sector and now urges visitors to experience the wonders it has to offer.

So if you are looking to visit Qatar on your next trip, then here's some help with how you can travel there easily! We have put together a simple guide on how you can get the best out of your vacation in Qatar. So let us dive into your simple travel guide!

How to get here?


There are over 150 destinations that travel to Doha, and over 50 international airlines fly to Qatar, which makes flight booking quite convenient. So to make your flight hunting easy, you can simply book a flight from for the best offers on flights and many more!

Over 95 countries are eligible for visas on arrival. Indian passport holders can avail visa on arrival with a hotel booking through Discover Qatar.

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When to go

The most favoured time to visit Qatar is from mid-October to mid-March. This period of the year has a pleasant spring atmosphere with temperatures varying from approximately 20 to 28°C. Most of the year is particularly hot with little to no rainfall. Qatar mostly sees a desert climate.

What to pack

Travellers going to Qatar don't need to pack a lot of attention since Qatar is quite a modern destination that looks toward promoting its tourism and welcomes tourists across the globe! However, it is essential to pack these things while travelling there. Here's a list to help you out!


Qatar is moderately convenient with its attitude toward the attire of visitors in the country. However, we do recommend respecting the local culture and also it is better to cover the shoulder and knees (men & women). So in summary, you can pack light clothes, as the weather is usually humid.

Packing DON'Ts

While travelling to Qatar, it is important to remember to not carry any illegal items such as-

  • Alcohol
  • Pork or food containing pork
  • Religious prop

Carrying these items could lead to inconvenience during travelling, so it is advised not to carry these items.

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Getting around

Guests can travel around Qatar by road, air or sea. The country has a variety of choices - from the bus, cars, metro air or by boat. Based on your preference for touring the country, you can select from these modes of transportation.

Bus Services

Bus fare can only be paid, with a Karwa Smartcard, available at HIA help desks near baggage claim belts 5 & 6.


Visitors can get a Karwa taxi quite easily from the Hamad International Airport. The taxi fares start at QAR 25 and accept cash payments in Qatari Riyal only. This mode of travel is flexible for tourists leaving the airport.

Car rental / Driving

In Qatar, there are local and international car hire firms operating like Avis, Budget, Europcar and Hertz. You can book Uber and Careem also operate in Qatar.

Doha metro

Qatar comprises the metro that is built with modern innovation that provides good service to visitors who wish to travel. The Doha metro makes travelling quite convenient!

To summarize, Qatar is well connected by public transport, and this helps tourists and travellers experience the country without hassle! From the mentioned modes of travel, you can choose your way of commuting as per your preference. We hope this article helps you out on your next trip to Qatar!

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