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You Wouldn’t Believe This! Kerala Reveals A Secret.

May 20, 2016
Adventures In Kerala

The minute you see a post on Kerala you know there’s going to be too many beautiful words glorifying the mountains, the beaches, the waters, and all else that holds the potential to take your breath away. While there’s no denying that it is an incredibly beautiful place, there is a lot we’re missing. This place has majorly suffered typecasting, and it’s time we undo it.

Let’s look at Kerala in a different light altogether. Let’s stir the tranquil image of Kerala with adventures. Let’s move beyond just gazing the beauty it holds, let’s indulge in all it has to offer. So the next time you're looking for Kerala tour packages, look for adventure! 

Paramotoring - Cochin

Paramotoring In Kerala

If you are someone who takes pleasure in the moment when the adrenaline rushes through your blood, paramotoring beckons you. The joy of sailing in the air as the waters rise high to tickle your feet, is any adventure lover’s fantasy.

Kayaking - Malabar

kayaking in kerala

What better time than now to talk about this. The monsoon has already started in Kerala, and that’s the ideal time for Kayaking. To match your zeal and excitement, the rains will pour and the waters will roar, as you put all your might to test. What an experience that sounds like!

Sailing - Cochin

Sailing In Kerala

We’re mistaken if we thought adventures always leave our adrenaline pumping. Those experiences are also called as adventures that posses a potential to calm you from within. Sailing through the backwaters of Kerala, every aspect will soothe your nerves, leaving you wanting for more.

Surfing - Kovalam

Surfing in Kerala

Riding the waves, seeing the waters restless beneath you, and gliding through the vast lengths of these water bodies, all of these are being offered to you at once. Come, indulge, and quench your yearnings.

Paragliding - Vagamon

Paragliding in Kerala

If you were that kid who chose to be a bird in autobiographies at school, this is your chance to live your fantasy. Soar high, whisper in the air, look down and behold much at once. This is your time, fly!

Trekking - Meesapulimala

Trekking In Kerala

Imagine trekking through the glorified terrains of God’s own country. If trekking is your kind of a thing, then you will be grateful for having taken this trip. The rugged mountains, and the raw earth, just as you like it, waiting to be explored.

Motorcycle Trips - Sholayar

Motorcyle Trips In Kerala

Being one of the top tropical motorcycle riding routes, Sholayar is the pathway to beautiful views, and an experience that lasts a lifetime.

Mountain Biking - Munnar

Mountain Biking In kerala

Challenge yourself, battle with your fears, and discover a new high. The hills have so much to offer at each levels that you would want to take this trip over and over again.

Author : Leeba Thomas