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An Open Letter To All The Mothers Who Encourage Their Kids To Travel

May 10, 2016
Post Mothers Day
Dear Mother,

They say that a mother’s love has no equal. But so does her worry. Thank you for defying all the odds and standing by me. A mother like you is ahead of time. A mother like you is contemporary.

A mother like you that encourages travel, is the strongest mother in the world - because it is not easy to raise a child that is always on the move!

Thank you for being unselfish and forgiving at all times. Thank you for supporting all my crazy travels and trusting me on coming back home everytime I set off on a journey with my backpack.

I know it’s not easy to have a child that is seldom home. I know it’s not easy for you when I just pack my bags and go on an impromptu wanderlust trip. Only a strong mother like you could handle my travel plans.

Thank you mom, for understanding that travelling is what keeps me alive and fills my soul. Only a mom like you could have the depth to fathom my passion for travel.

I know you get worried and harrowed when I am out of range and you can’t connect with me. It is not easy for a mother to not know where her child is. But you keep faith and trust; you know that I’ll call you back the moment I get in range.

Thank you mom for letting me unleash the adventurer in me. The truth is that - the daring one is not me, but you, for having a heart as strong as a pillar and an adventurous spirit.

Mother, you may not go on as many vacations as I do. But you still understand my craving for travel. We may not travel together often, yet you never complain.

Travelling has made me a confident and independent person. Travelling is an art that can’t be learnt or unlearnt. With every journey, I have grown stronger and become more empathetic. I owe all this to you. It was only through your unwavering support that I earned the courage to follow my dream of travel.

It’s not often that I have thanked you for everything that you’ve done so far. But of all the things that you’ve done for me, I thank you for being supportive and encouraging in all my endeavours. Thank you mom for all the madness that you’ve put through for me. Thank you for being a traveller’s mom. I am proud of you!

With Love,

A Kid On An Eternal Wanderlust

P.S. I love you (even after Mother's Day)

Author: Winnie Karnik