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Are dinosaurs coming back?

October 25, 2016
Are dinosaurs coming back

Remember watching the Jurassic Park films? Imagine, if dinosaurs were to return to our world, how would you react? Terrified, isn’t it? Though extinct, these huge creatures never fail to intrigue our curious minds. Recently, a group of Avimimus (bird-like dinosaurs) skeletons were found entwined together in Mongolia, declaring them social creatures. This finding is contrary to the earlier belief that they were solitary creatures. Also, a new species of sauropod dinosaur has been found in western Queensland (Australia), adding to the evolutionary tree of sauropods. You can see a collection of fossil dinosaur skeletons and other species at the Natural History Museums around the world.

1. Baby dinosaurs at the London Natural History Museum

Dinosaur babies, London

Image courtesy:

2. Huge dinosaur skeleton, London Natural History Museum

Dinosaur skeleton, London

Image courtesy:

3. Snowy owl at the Greece Natural History Museum

Snowy Owl, Greece

Image courtesy:

4. Moai- human figures of Easter Island at the American Museum of Natural History

Moai, New York

Image courtesy:

5. Indian Sloth Bear, Leopard feet and a Leathery Turtle at Chennai Museum

Government Museum, Chennai

6. Red fox at Greece Natural History Museum

Red Fox, Greece

Image courtesy:

7. Vampire bat at London Natural History Museum

Vampire bat

Image courtesy:

8. Northern goshawk or Accipiter gentilis, a type of a raptor at Greece Natural History Museum

Accipiter gentilis

Image courtesy:

9.Snakes and Elephant foot at Chennai Museum

Government Museum in Chennai

10. Polyporus squamosus, a type of fungus at Greece Natural History Museum

Polyporus squamosu

Image courtesy:

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Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur