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You Won’t Believe These Tree Tunnels Coexist In Today's Concrete World

July 18, 2016

Cherry Blossom Tunnel, Bonn, Germany
The sky is plastered with a thick mantle of leaves and flowers interspersed with the earthiness of branches and twigs. The warmth and softness from the trees cleanses your soul. An elixir inducing an overriding sense of ambrosia, these tree tunnels are all you need to buy an air ticket to, if your life is bereft of wanderlust and élan.

1. Wisteria Flower Tunnel In Japan

Wisteria Flower Tunnel in Japan
Emulating a painter’s masterpiece, the burgeoning wisteria flowers form a serendipitous canopy overhead as you prowl your way through the tunnel. Nestled in the beautiful city of Kitakyushu, the Kawachi Fuji Garden offers its visitors a surrealistic tunnel-walk under the drop of purple, lavender and white wisteria bloom. The bloom is seasonal and lasts from April to Mid-May.

2. Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Tunnel of Love formed by trees in Ukraine
In the heart of Ukraine’s historic town, Klevan, a solitary railway track carries firewood to a local factory. While the track lies desolate near its outskirts, it gets united by the green foliage created in its full bloom. Legend has it that if you walk this path down with your lover, your wish is bound to come true.

3. Bamboo Forest in Sagano, Bamboo Path in Kyoto, Japan

Bamboo Path in Kyoto, Japan
A boulevard of tall bamboo tress passes through a small district called Arashiyama in Kyoto. Bamboos dance to the light winds and whisper soft sounds as the breeze plays along with it. There’s a beautifully carved path passing these groves, where you can walk or cycle to your heart’s content.

4. Dark Hegdes in Northern Ireland

Dark Hegdes in Northern Ireland
A long time ago, in a land far, far away, the Stuart family planted Beech trees on the path that led visitors to their home. Today, after two centuries, the woods have become dark and lonely, yet have an enigmatic charm to it. This avenue was also featured on Games of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1 representing the King's Road, when Arya Stark escaped the King’s Landing disguised as a boy.

5. Cherry Blossoms, Sakura Tunnel in Japan

sCherry Blossoms, Sakura Tunnel in Japan
At the onset of spring, all of Japan reveres its romance with the cherry trees, and the streets resonate the beat of their hearts in an iridescent pink shine. The aged branches of the cherry blossom tree pierce their way into the azure blue skies. The cherry trees surrender themselves to the sweet love of spring and blush pink as their love affair grows deeper everyday, until the spring is no more and the bloom takes a low.

6. Oak Alley, New Orleans

Oak Alley, New Orleans
Two centuries down in history, the Oak Alley plantations lie across the meandering Mississippi River near New Orleans, Louisiana. This macabre-looking alley has doubled up as a set for shooting locations of Django Unchained, Interview with a Vampire, Primary Colors and segments of True Detective.

7. Cypress Tunnel, Point Reyes, California

Cypress Tunnel, Point Reyes, California
Running along the coast of Point Reyes, an avenue of cypress trees forms a natural tunnel. As the sunlight finds its way across the thick groves of trees, the heritage building of the Marconi Station situated towards its end, lights up in complete glory.

8. The Path up to the Halnaker Windmill in Sussex

Path up to the Halnaker Windmill in Sussex

A natural rustic smell passes through your senses and as you walk deeper into the woods; you will feel a release of your mind, body and soul. It’s like walking back in time and stepping into a hundred year old forest. At the end of the walk, open skies, green fields and an ancient windmill await to greet you.

9. Cherry Blossom Avenue, Bonn, Germany

Cherry Blossom Avenue, Germany
Heerstrasse or the Cherry Blossom Avenue in the historic town of Berlin turns into a beautifully embellished street with the bloom of cherry trees every spring. The gorgeous pink blossoms adorn the street and form an umbrella of leaves as you stroll through the alley.