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Based on today, this is what the future brings

October 13, 2016
Based on today, here is what 2017 looks like

We’re almost to the end of 2016, which means it’s that time of the year to stop and take a stock of things. To review how the year has been so far, and to make some predictions and observations based on it. So far, 2016 has been a pretty tumultuous year, that has seen more downs than ups. With just 3 more months left, we don’t see it drastically changing for the better anytime soon. So based on some of the news that have rocked our screens this year, we make some predictions as to what the future might hold.

So if you’re looking to make a jump start on your 2017 travel plans, you might want to go through what we think the future might look like.

The on going Syrian crisis and what it means for travel

The Syrian civil war coupled with the refugee crisis has arguably been one of the most defining news of 2016. With no immediate resolution in sight, the speculations are that the civil war will continue. What this means is that most of the middle east is been put in the danger zone.

Turkey on the danger list

Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey hasn’t had one of the most stable years, to be honest. First tragedy struck Istanbul’s Atatürk Airport in June in the form of a terrorist attack, for which ISIS claimed responsibility. Then Turkey declared a state of emergency following a failed coup against President Erdogan.

Turkey’s current situation is unstable at the best. Putting it at an ‘at-risk’ position. If you’re looking to travel to Turkey in the first half of 2017, it might not be completely advisable as there are undercurrents of the government of Turkey launching an attack against ISIS in Mosul. So for now, the future of Turkey looks unstable. The latter half of 2017 might look stable for Turkey, but that solely depends on the events of the next few months.

Travelling to Kashmir might be difficult

House boat in Kashmir

The Uri attack is only the latest, on a spate of ongoing crisis in Kashmir. As Indians we aren’t strangers to the Kashmir conflict. But post the Uri attack, the situation in the valley has become dangerous once again. There has been a lot of cross border firing reported. The tension doesn’t seem like it will die down any time soon. So maybe Kashmir might have to be checked off your list.

Will Brexit make travelling to UK cheaper?

Westminster, England

Another event that shaped up 2016 was Britain’s decision to leave the European Union. Since then the pound has seen some volatility. It’s stabilized a bit for the time being, after reaching an all time low post the Brexit. The negotiations of the exit will take another year, which means there will continue to be fluctuations with the pound. So if you’re thinking of getting your flight tickets and going on a vacation to the UK, now might be the best time.

Author : Sanjana Sule