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Berlin has an underground museum that reveals secrets about the WWII

November 2, 2016
Berlin underground museum (Copy)

Several histories are written and several incidences get chronicled everyday, but no matter how much the world ages, World War II will never be forgotten. One man’s leadership (or dictatorship?) tore the world apart, mostly importantly for the Jews. It divided the world and great politics was played to win the race. Movies, songs, documentaries, novels, stories, all came and went, but the scar that it left on the world and mainly on Germany, still remains.

What the sandy soil beneath your feet reveals?

Berlin - WWII bunkers (Copy)

One such historical citation is found under sheaths of the German soil in Berlin. Riddled with holes, lies the Berlin Underworlds Museum, at the U-Bahn station, Gesundbrunnen. There is a whole new subterranean world that takes you back in the terrifying times of war. Right from the bunker systems in Berlin’s subway, recovered bombs and ammunitions, Berlin’s pneumatic post system, breweries, blind tunnels and more, your eyes will open to a whole new world.


The Berliner Unterwelten e.V. (Berlin Underworlds Association) invites guests to visit the WWII bunkers, the ghost-stations and cold War flee routes via hidden tunnels and canals. These operations that took place secretly within a labyrinth of old passageways and paths that lead to bunkers, air raid shelters, and even the Third Reich’s former aircraft factory.

The world down under

Old trains

What you learn from this tour is that it was not just about bombs and the ancillaries, it was also about how the families that loved created a world of their own. Parallels from Life is Beautiful and The Diary of Anne Frank can be easily drawn and stark disturbing stories and images cloud your mind.

Pneumatic Dispatch System

The environment can be a little claustrophobic, only giving you a feel of how people survived under trying times. As the site is untampered and maintained in its original form, the intensity of environment captured in the oppressive, unventilated atmosphere remains unimpaired.

Berlin Underworlds Association - answering the Wh Questions

Pneumatic Dispatch System

Founded in 1997, the Berlin Underworlds Association brings to life the various incidences from history that lay hidden beneath the ground. It has 407 volunteers from diversified professions. Each member brings its own skill set and imparts knowledge. The association aims to restore the lost underground world, providing insightful facets about history.

Information on the guided tours

During summertime, there are 2 guided tours in English. Tickets are available on the same day from 10 am onwards. It is better to queue up early and get one, or you might run out of luck. The temperature down below hardly goes above 10 degrees, so it is advisable to carry warm clothes.

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Author: Winnie Karnik