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Best beaches of Maharashtra

November 24, 2014

Maharashtra's coast features some really fantastic beaches, far away from the maddening crowd! One can choose to relax and do nothing or indulge in activities like water sports, local sightseeing, visiting local temples, caves and forts, savour on some authentic coastal food and much more! If one has a penchant for sand, sea and surf, Maharashtra has many interesting options in the store.

Here are the best beaches of Maharashtra for your next holiday.


Situated just 6 kms from South of Malvan is the gorgeous Tarkarli town. The major attraction here is the long and narrow stretch of beach, with its pristine water. On a clear day, one can see the seabed through a depth of 20 feet as well.

While in Tarkarli, make sure to visit the restaurant at MTDC Resort for a delectable cuisine and to experience the unusual style of stay in the inviting Konkani huts of the resort. You can also opt for backwaters experience on the Karli River which is between Tarkarli and Kudal.


Ganapatipule is one of the most spectacular beaches along the Konkan Coast - an idyllic gateway that attracts beach lovers and pilgrims alike. Containing one of the Ashtavinayak (eight Ganapatis) of Maharashtra, travelling here is an experience on its own as the vast Konkan stretch is abundant with scenic greenery. Besides the clean beach and clear waters, Ganapatipule is rich in flora, including mangroves and coconut palms.


Gentle winds, soft sands and inviting waters make Shriwardhan Bay irresistible to beach lovers. If one relishes seafood, there is no dearth of delicacies to sample here. Adventure lovers can even take a small boat to the North side of the bay and explore a land where the Peshwas of the Maratha Kingdom originally resided.


Located about 5 hours from Mumbai, this town in the Raigad district is best known for the Janjira Fort which is located just off the coast. The beach is lined with many hotels and guest houses, but the area never gets too crowded. If you want a stunning view of the beach and the sunset, then head over to the Datta Mandir on a nearby hilltop. 

Harnai Beach

The Ratnagiri district also has some great beaches, one of the best being the Harnai beach, which is near the village of Dapoli.  Due to a busy fishing port, Harnai features some great affordable seafood. You can watch the fishermen bringing in their catch and be a part of the lively auction that follows. Harnai has just a couple of hotels, so you may need to stay at Dapoli, Ratnagiri or Murud.

Alibag Beach

The sunset from Alibaug beach looks picturesque and the beauty of this place is mind-blowing. The Varsoli Beach close to Alibaug town is also a good option for less-crowded beach options. This beach is thick with coconut and casuarinas vegetation. If you are looking for a good time with family, you should surely visit Varsoli Beach.

Vengurla Malvan

With its long stretches of white sands and hills covered with cashew, coconut, jackfruit, and mango groves lies the pristine and beautiful town of Vengurla. Apart from its beaches, the town is also famous for the Shree Devi Sateri Mandir and the Rameshwar Mandir. Twice burned to the ground, it was the target of repetitive attacks and plunders between the 16th and 18th century. 

The prominent landmarks of old town of Malvan are the two forts; the sea Fort of Sindhudurg and Padmagad. Nivti Beach, located 20 kms from Vengurla town, has a serene beach with soft silver sands. It is almost enclosed by rock structures wading deep into the sea at both sides making it a private beach.

Divegar Beach

Located in the south of Mumbai, Divegar beach features coconut and betel nut trees. You can also opt for dolphin spotting tours here. The beaches are so attractive; they make some of the most popular destinations in Maharashtra.

Mandwa and Kihim

Mandwa is a beautiful beach, which lies 12 miles North of Alibaug. On a clear day, one can enjoy long, breathtaking views across the bay, up to the Gateway of India, Mumbai. Mandwa village too, has a charm of its own with beautiful groves of coconut palms. You can plan an unusual tent holiday nearby, at Kihim. Unspoilt and isolated, this beautiful place has a soothing effect on all city dwellers. Worth visiting is the Kolaba Fort, just a furlong away from the shore.

Velneshwar beach

The coconut trees and rock free seawater makes Velneshwar a perfect destination for swimming and sunbathing. Besides sunbathing to the glory of sands or indulging into some water sport, another attraction of Velneshwar is the old Shiva Temple which is visited by many tourists and pilgrims.

Dahanu Bordi

Situated in Thane district of Maharashtra, Dahanu is a quiet seaside town with a sprawling, uncluttered beach. Dahanu is lined with fruit orchards and is famous for its chickoo plantations as well. Adventure sports like gliding, trekking, venturing into the open seas, and kite flying is a part of life here. The surrounding hills of Mahalaxmi, Asherigad, Bahrot, and Kahoj are a trekker’s delight. Accessible from Dahanu is Udwada - an important place of worship for the Zoroastrains with a large, beautiful temple that houses their sacred fire. This fire has been kept alive for almost thousand years now.

So plan your beach holiday today!

Author : Rishika Karra