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12 International trips that are cheaper than the new Iphone

September 6, 2016

Do you have those days when you sit with your phone, just browsing old chats, or looking at old pictures and reminiscing bits and pieces of your best memories? If you do have those moments, does it really matter which phone you are using, or is it the memories that count?

Make memories while you can, a phone can be bought anytime.When it comes to the best memories, those belong to a happier, more younger part of you.

A phone can give you momentary pleasure, but memories of your trips can last you for a long time. What would you choose? An expensive phone or these 12 international destinations that will surely be cheaper than the new Iphone!

1. Sri Lanka

Sirigriya Rock, Sri Lanka

Great lands are made great not by size, but by those who sing its praises - and Sri Lanka’s praises are worded by great men ahead of our time. Neighbouring our very own homeland, Sri Lanka is like home away from home. To visit this land which is nothing short of being a paradise, you need a Sri Lanka visa which has a processing time of just 24 - 48 hours for Indian nationals.

2. Nepal

India is a country that shares its borders with another that measures its annual growth not by money, but by happiness. The country of Nepal has been nearly restored to its former glory after a series of earthquakes almost destroyed its exterior, leaving behind a grit and determination to rebuild itself.

3. Thailand


Thailand is full of budget options when it comes to holidays. Be it a solo trip or even with a couple of friends, Thailand fits even in the most tightest of budgets.

4. Vietnam


The timeless of Vietnam is something that must be experienced atleast once in a lifetime. Moreover Vietnam figures as one of the destinations from among 7 destinations where the rupee is stronger, which means holidaying in Vietnam is going to be nothing short of a rich experience for Indian nationals!

5. Malaysia


From adrenaline pumping activities to awesome spa experiences that calm and soothe the soul, Malaysia fits like a glove when it comes to budget holidays. While the Iphone may set you back for more than just a couple of grands, Malaysia allows you an experience that will remain in the niches of your memory forever.

6. Myanmar


If booked upto 3-4 months in advance, you could very well be on your way to explore the melting pot of cultures, which is better known as Myanmar. Life here is relaxed and easy. For those who wish to get the best value of their holidays, Myanmar is cut-out for you.

7. Indonesia

This little country allows its beauty to do all the talking. With views that have the capacity to render the best of us, speechless- Indonesia is a welcome break that every working individual must resort to. The best part? A holiday to Indonesia is surprisingly more affordable than the gadget that you were planning to buy.

8. Singapore


The country that has carved a niche for itself in the growing IT sector and that made a name for itself in the architectural universe on account of its iconic structures like the Merlion, the Gardens by the Bay or even the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, has been also topping the charts for being among the most affordable destinations.

9. Kenya


Rich in biodiversity, Kenya is famous for its numerous wild-life safari options. These safaris are renowned for its impressive display of wild life, while being surprisingly affordable if well-planned for.

10. Dubai


From among the United Arab Emirates, the emirate of Dubai is gaining popularity for its seamless integration of tradition into the ever-growing demand for modernity.The best value of your Dubai holiday can be derived during the months of November to March.

11. Cambodia

Probably the destination that takes the cup away from every other destination, for the most culturally rich destination; is the lovely state of Cambodia. Not as popular as its other Asian neighbours, Cambodia is often overlooked. But when it comes to affordability and value for money, lets say your Iphone might last you a few months or years, but a holiday to Cambodia stays with you forever.

12. Taiwan


A 5 day international under an approx 70k budget? Seems almost impossible doesn't it? But with meticulous planning, witnessing the stunning beauty of Taiwan is now more than just a dream.

Author : Roshal Mascarenhas