How to convince your parents to let you travel with your friends

July 29, 2016
One phone call can go miles when you are away from them and bridge the distance for a while.

We all know how are plans with our friends go, right? Most of us make grand plans to travel to Thailand or Europe, but ultimately land up going to a bar in your locality or a short weekend getaway. The most important reason for such cancellations are our parents not letting us go.

Here’s how you can convince your parents to make that trip happen.

1. Do your homework and share your plan

Do a thorough research on the destination you are travelling to. After you’ve chalked out an itinerary and made proper arrangements, share it with them so that they know your whereabouts.

2. Explain them the benefits of having a friend around while you travel

Having someone you know can help you in many ways when you’re travelling to an unknown place. A friend will always have your back when you’re in trouble. When you have a friend, you have a perfect travel companion.

3. This is the most important point - Assure them that you’ll always stay in touch with them

Parents feel very assured when their kids get in touch with them. No matter how old you get, they will never stop worrying about you. One phone call can go miles when you are away from them and bridge the distance for a while.

4. Share a few phone numbers with them

This is just a backup option for them when you aren’t in reach or are unavailable. This way they know that they have someone to reach out to in case of an emergency.

5. Make sure they know the friends you are travelling with

Having faith in your friends as much as they have faith in you, is an important factor. They feel more secured when they know the friends you are travelling with, because they are sure that your friends will take good care of you.

6. Lastly, keep calm and enjoy your vacay

Once you are through the first five steps, all you need to do is chill and have a great time with your friends.

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