Enter In Style, Or Don’t Enter At All : The Grandest Hotel Entrances

July 19, 2016

The Savoy, London

“.. See to it that when you make an entrance in anyone’s life, make it a grand one, but when you exit, do it in silence; for only then will your presence be truly missed.” These are words of wisdom from my grandmother, which had a lesser impact to me when i was a toddler, scampering about her tired knees - but as the game of age serves me a new hand every year, her words mean everything to me. The reason I stick by the old pearls of wisdom rather than the ones we receive today from well-established sources, is simply as I somehow feel that the wisdom achieved by greying of hair, finds its strength in the past and inches further into the future. The powerful statement about entrances makes much more sense to me now, as I set my foot discovering grand entrances of hotels; which till today, stand witness to the glories of the sands of time and hospitality.

These hotels from across the world make your entry feel so royal, that you will want to delay your exit and your air ticket back home a little more each day.

1. Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur:

Umaid Bhavan Palace, Jodhpur

The grounds of this exquisitely built palace had their gates opened as a heritage hotel way back in 1972. Although it was only with the arrival of The Taj Group in 2015 that hospitality matching the exuberance of this palatial hotel has finally found a fitting partner. It is said that the descendants of the sculptors who built the Taj Mahal have worked on its intricate sandstone facade.

2.The Savoy, London: Celebrating its 127th anniversary this year, The Savoy London has found place in some of the choicest pieces of literature and has been host to icons of the silver screen like Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Fred Astaire, etc.

3.The Gritti Palace, Venice: When your room is booked at the Gritti Palace in Venice, your entry will be nothing short of you experiencing the quintessential Venice experience; as you make your grand entry in the former home of the ambassadors of Venice in a Gondola.

4.The Dedon Island Resort, Siargao: This all inclusive super luxury resort in the Phillipines is famous not only for its cutting edge design and architecture but for the part bus- part army jeep that guests of the hotel arrive on, amidst good cheery music!

5. Six Senses Zighy Bay, Musandam Peninsula: Among the grand attractions that one experiences, this option for arrival is the stuff of dreams. Guests who have a closeness to adrenaline pumped experiences can opt for arrival via a hang glider. Guests have to take this super hero entry from the top of a road that slopes precipitously down to the beach. From there you are taken care of by hotel staff and served the most delicious dates as you check in.

6. Hoshinoya, Kyoto:

Hoshinoya, Kyoto

At the Hoshinoya, Kyoto, guests glide into check in on a cedar boat which is rowed gently up the Ooi River, a scenic river which is a favourite of Japanese Poets.

Author : Roshal Mascarenhas