Every graduate needs a break!!

Every graduate needs a break!!

Leeba Thomas, May 26, 2015
Take that one last trip with your friends and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Every journey has a start and a finish point. When you walk into college, everything is new. You have no idea how your tomorrow will shape into, who your friends will be, but you know for sure that you will miss this place no matter what. The memories are all that will last. Of course, everyone makes efforts to stay in touch but each one’s destiny takes different routes, eventually leaving very little time for each other. That’s what makes you cherish every last act.

There will be a lot of ‘one last time’ situations when the end gets closer. The ‘one last time’ selfie, one last time canteen food, one last time waiting back in college (for no specific reason), one last time prom, one last time exams(not many of us miss that though!), and many more one last times. Facebook and other social networks get flooded with the one last time hashtags around the months, March, April, and May.

When everything else receives the last tribute, why not end it all on a good note? Take that one last trip with your friends and make memories that will last a lifetime. When all lasts are being taken into consideration, I guess the best time to take the graduate’s break is after the last exam. The second hardest choice to make after who to marry is having a common consensus about where to go. Here are two places that will make it easier for you to decide from.

Breathtaking Andaman


Islands give you the best break that you deserve. They are calm and serene, unlike the noisy city life. They give you a change of setting that you’ve grown sick of, a break from the mundane life. When I mention the change of settings, I imply a change of surface too. Aren’t you bored of land? Shift your base to water, it’s liberating! The Andaman Islands will give you a real sense of freedom, even though it is short-lived freedom, it tastes ethereal. Do whatever you want to do, walk the way you like, laugh the way you prefer, do exactly everything you were told not to because the gender stereotype guidelines got offended. Be crazy and naughty, make memories that you can narrate and laugh about some ten years down the line.

Do indulge in fun activities that will make your experience even more thrilling. Missing the underwater sea activity is almost next to denying Ambani’s property (‘if’ he ever decides to adopt you and write his property in your name). If any of you suffer from hydrophobia, don’t you worry. You need not know how to swim, nor do you have to worry about your lung capacity, they provide you with breathing assistance. Walk on the sands of the ocean floor, cuddle a fish or two and take a tour of the underwater world, click an epic selfie underwater if you have the equipment. You can also try out other activities like snorkelling, banana rides, and speed boat rides.

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Beautiful Coorg


Coorg is the perfect destination for friends to have unlimited fun. It has so much to offer that you will never want to come back from the break. You can push your limits and overcome your fears with super adventurous activities that Coorg has in store for you and your friends. These will heap up crazy memories that you will laugh at in the years to come. Go trekking to Thandiyendamol. Lend a hand to your friend, stop to click memories, and sit for a while to enjoy the moment. Enjoy every step and leave behind trails of your friendship.

Rock climbing at Honnnamana Kere is one thing you should try out. Gather your guts and go for it, click a selfie when you all reach up there. Dubare river rafting and Barapole river rafting is sufficient to satiate your adventurous spirits. Challenge yourselves and hop into the raft, give your vocal cords a release, and I’m sure you will cherish this experience forever. No graduate’s break is complete without a bonfire night, so you can visit the campfire at Beelur Golf Club and take home beautiful memories.

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Take this break now, you never know if life will permit you such an opportunity any time soon. Not necessarily a long one, take a short break. Also, such trips will unveil a lot about your personality, maybe another side of you that you never knew existed. On such trips, bonds grow stronger, meanings grow deeper and memories grow richer. Do it, before it’s too late!