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Five foods that define Bangalore

January 24, 2014

Bangalore’s cosmopolitan vibe embraces everything in the city, including its food. No wonder the local cuisines are infused with influences from Andhra, Chettinad, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu, coastal areas, Kerala as well as contemporary flavours.  If your palate is up for an adventure, dive into the top five dishes that define Bangalore. It will be a rewarding experience for tourist and musafir alike.

Masala Dosa

Though dosa is a generic South Indian dish, the Mysore masala dosa comes with a special tang of red chutney (podi in Kannada) with an ample dollop of spiced potatoes tucked inside. Coupled with sambhar that’s slightly sweeter than the one in Tamil Nadu and coconut chutney, the Masala Dosa ‘tiffin item’ is an all time favourite. Hunger pangs on the road? Remember you are never too far from a dosa shop in Bangalore.

Bisi Bele Bhath

The tangy concoction of rice, spices and ghee etches a finger licking memory that lingers long after the dish is relished. This traditional gem from Karnataka is best eaten when piping hot, topped with cool raita and some crisp crackling papad. You will find this favourite at the top of the menus at breakfast and tiffin (evening snack) time in all South Indian restaurants.

Pandi Curry

A special pork delicacy, this is the highlight dish in any Coorg (or Kodava) family gathering. Be it festivals like Keilpolud, Puthari or weddings, this dark pork curry is always present on a Kodava dining table. The slow cooked aromatic curry is best had with Akki Ottis (wheat pancakes) or Kadambuttus (steam rice dumplings). From the hunting grounds of the Western Ghats to laden tables a modern feast, an authentic pandi curry is what any musafir should try.


Amongst the desserts, Chirotti is something that you will find locals recommending all the time in Karnataka. A light flaky rice dish that is sprinkled with sugar and soaked in warm almond milk, Chirotti is the dish that instantly transports one to the warmth of grandma’s kitchen.


Even though beer is really not a local cuisine, it definitely deserves a mention when spoken in the same breath as Bangalore. The beer bastion of the country with more than 70 bars and pubs around the arterial M.G Road area alone, Bangalore has propagated beer culture in the country since the late 1800s. Even restrictive early deadlines of today haven’t dampened the city’s love for their brew, as can be seen the profusion of fantastic microbreweries fizzing up all over the city. Cheers!