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This Fly Geyser in Nevada is man-made as well as natural. Find out how!

November 29, 2016

Fly geyser, Nevada
In the dry arid region of Nevada, water sprouts from the middle of nowhere. The otherwise deserted terrain is blessed with a natural hot fountain known as Fly Geyser. Ironically, it is a natural wonder that later was man-made. Confused? A combination of human error and natural geothermal pressure created this wonder. To understand it fully, you need to know its history.

So here’s how it began....

It was in the early 20th century that a farmer whose crops were parched, began the search of water. With an intention to bring rich, nutritional water to his ranch, he dug up a well. He did find water, but it was as hot as 200 degrees. He knew it was of no use and hence covered up the pit again.

The colourful geyser in Nevada
Years went by and the incident was dumped into the ground along with the water. Later in 1964, a technologically well-equipped team came with the same motive. No sooner did the digging begin, than they found the blistering hot water. Capping the pit off, the team receded in the same speed as they came. But did they really cap off properly? Turns out that this team did not seal their drilled hole properly. This piece of human error gave a way out for the formation of the geyser.

How was the geyser formed?

Failed attempts at creating a well led to the formation of the Fly Geyser. While the second team of drillers gave up on the project, they left the hole they dug faultily uncovered allowing nutrient rich water under high pressure to flow over the earth’s surface. Under extreme pressure and temperature, water, minerals and gases rush to the surface. The mound got created because the minerals started accumulating on each other.

How does the Fly Geyser get its colour?

Most beautiful structure in the desert of Nevada
The superb iridescence of the geyser comes from the thermophilic algae thriving in the nutrient rich environment. The nutrition let out from the shower reacts differently to the oxygen and sun in the air. It is believed that the longer the geyser flows, the more iridescent it looks.

Can you visit the island?

The fly geyser in Nevada is located on a private land, so you would need permission to see the rare sight. If you want to visit the place, make sure you have a go ahead from the owner. You can also take guided tours to this place of man-made artificial wonder.

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Author: Winnie Karnik