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The New Year Travel Challenge everyone's talking about

December 19, 2016

New Year Challenge
More often than not, we are bound by our monotony. Settled in our sweet little comfort zones, we hesitate to move away from them and cross our boundaries. A typical day of a person having an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) involves, planning, setting reminders, creating lists, using organisers and some more planning. Set itineraries, well-organised holidays, highly organised backpacks, spic and span rooms, if you can relate to anything at all, then you are definitely struck by an OCD (whether you accept it or not).

All your life has gone in making plans, planning events and organising stuff and you just love it. You’d have no other way with it, isn’t it? Life is so beautiful with things happening your way. But how about just for once, just for once this New Year, you do things differently and taste a different life.

Woah! Don’t get freaked out. If you just try, you may be able to look at life from a different perspective. Here’s what we suggest you do on New Year’s (for a change)

1. Go on an impromptu holiday without planning

No, it’s not that bad. There’s joy in unknown things. There’s some magic in encountering something serendipitous. Much happiness lies in not knowing what lies next. Sometimes having no knowledge of the journey ahead is the best part of the journey.

2. Don’t design your itinerary

So if an entire backpacking sounds very close to a heart attack for you, then we suggest that you at least begin with least planning. Just book your flight tickets and hotels, let the rest of the journey be a mystery to you that slowly waits to unfold its sweet secrets.

3. Pack one hour before the journey

If you think OCD starts only when you travel, you are wrong. It begins before it. While it may be slightly difficult for you, it is still not entirely impossible. Just get you backpack out the last-minute and stuff all the essentials you need. It is really not that freaky if you try. (I do it every time)

4. Don’t set reminders

Caught ya! Things can work out well even without them. Just relax, think about how you are going to enjoy your holiday and DON’T set reminders.

5. Don’t make a checklist or notepad entries

Not all the good things in life can be defined by a list. While we completely understand your need for things to be absolutely perfect, you can don’t necessarily make a list. Your trip will be just fine even if you don’t list out the things you need and want to do there.

6. Let a friend plan for you

This is the next-level adventure, isn’t it? Let’s keep the planning you love, but this time, we’ll put a twist on it. A well-planned holiday, but you have no clue about what’s happening next. It’s a surprise for you, who’s to decide sweet or shocking?

7. Don’t have a budget constraint

Now that may not be the most financial advice ever, but let that not be a constraint on the amount of fun you want to have. For a change, follow your heart without thinking of how it’ll crash your wallet. It may just be the fun you need to have.

8. Go with the flow

For once, please go with the low. It’s okay to not plan and know what is coming next. Get a little impulsive and listen to your inner voice.

9. Do not arrange things

You are on a vacay; you are not there to arrange your stuff and then other people’s stuff. Just relax and enjoy the place and its surroundings. Let yourself loose and give yourself a break in a true sense.

10. Have fun without fixing on your obsession

This is THE most important thing when you are on a holiday. Sometimes you may experience your obsession come your way while you are travelling, don’t let that happen. Just let your obsession go and see how wonderful the world really is!

Author: Winnie Karnik