How to apply for a 90 days Dubai visa

How to apply for a 90 days Dubai visa the right way

Winnie Karnik, May 5, 2015
Steps for 90 days Dubai visa

Out of the many things that come along with planning an international trip, the most crucial one that tops 98% travellers' checklist, is getting a visa. What if you are planning a trip to Dubai for more than a month? Then, you need a 90 days Dubai visa to enter the city of skyscrapers.

Dubai is synonymous with deserts, ultra-modern facilities, stinking rich Arabs and of course, gold. Imagine going to such an exciting place without much hassles. To burst the myth, Dubai can be planned on a budget as well. Flight tickets to Dubai are always affordable. Getting a Dubai visa is equally easy and hassle-free. Unlike some other countries, you can apply for a Dubai visa online and expect to get it within 5 working days.

Who can apply for a 90 days Dubai visa?

90 days Dubai visa is a long term Dubai tourist visa issued on non-extendible basis. People travelling to Dubai for more than a month for the purpose of leisure and comfort, may apply for the 90 days Dubai visa.

We tell you how to apply for a 90 days Dubai visa the right way to avoid any possible rejections.

3 easy steps to apply for a 90 days Dubai visa:

  1. Unreservedly, the first thing that you need, to apply for a 90 days Dubai visa is having a confirmed return Dubai air ticket.

  2. Now, you just have to email us these 3 basic documents

  • Confirmed return Dubai air ticket
  • Scanned copy of first and last pages of passport
  • Scanned copy of passport-size photograph
  1. You will additionally require the following documents to apply for a 90 days Dubai visa
  • Photocopies of passport and residential proof of friends/relatives residing in Dubai.
  • Invitation letter issued by friends/relatives residing in Dubai.
  • Alternate local contact details of 2 friends/relatives residing in Dubai.

Please note, immigration authorities may ask for additional documents as deemed necessary. You will be obliged to submit those documents, in addition.

Important Document for 90 days Dubai Visa
Additional requirement for Dubai Visa

Additional Information

  1. Indian passport holders are eligible to apply for the following types of Dubai visa:

• Transit visa for 96 hours • Express transit visa for 96 hours • Tourist visa for 30 days • Express tourist visa for 30 days • 90 days Dubai visa • Multiple-entry tourist visa for 30 days • Multiple-entry tourist visa for 90 days

  1. Depending on your purpose of visit, nature of work and duration of your visit, you may apply for a relevant Dubai visa type.

  2. The multiple-entry Dubai visa allows you to enter Dubai more than once on the same visa.

  3. Your passport needs to be valid for a minimum 6 months, while applying for a Dubai visa. If it’s getting expired before 6 months, then you'll have to get it renewed.

  4. Dubai visa is an e-visa, meaning your passport won’t be stamped for visa, but you will be issued an electronic visa. This visa needs to be printed and attached to your passport.

  5. You need to get a separate ‘OK to Board’ statement after you get your visa. This is an airline requirement that allows you to board the flight.

  6. Dubai immigration authorities don’t give you reasons for your Dubai visa rejection. Through our experience spanning over a decade, we have complied a list of possible Dubai visa rejections.