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How to score more likes on your travel pictures

June 30, 2014

Likes on travel picture

You’ve been travelling the world and sharing your bright, happy photographs on Facebook and Instagram. But, how come the ‘Bali sunset photo’ never managed to garner a decent number of likes? Or, that pic you took of Paris at dusk? Surely, that deserved to be more ‘Liked’! Well, we’ve got news for you. With camera phones becoming so ubiquitous, there are possibly many others on your friends’ timelines who’ve captured that exact same ‘gorgeous sunset’, or even ‘Paris at dusk’. So, the point is to break through the visual monotony, and we’ve got some tips for you to do just that. They might not land you a Nat Geo assignment, but, hopefully, they should snag you more “Likes”.

1. Follow the rules

While you don’t shoot with a box-like thingie called a camera like your old man used to, you might want to follow some of the rules he did. For instance, the Rule of the Thirds. Keep your subject along one of the imaginary lines that divide your frame into three equal parts.

2. Often break the rules

Some rules are for fuddy-duddies – once you’ve mastered them, of course. For instance, once you know how the ‘Rule of the Thirds’ makes your photos look better, break that rule occasionally to let your photo pop and break the clutter. Photos need not be in a 4x3 proportion or even 1x1.

3. Go easy with your mug

Sure, your mom thinks you are handsome/beautiful. But, if every single picture of yours from that trip to Istanbul is going to feature your blessed face, your friends are going to disown you. They don’t need proof that you were there.

4. Get unusual perspectives

Another thing no one wants to see is the same old picture of the Eiffel Tower, or the Statue of Liberty. While you should definitely capture the monuments, before you do, google them and check out what the most photographed perspective is. Then, avoid those. Change your vantage point, change your perspective!

5. Don’t be afraid to edit

Naysayers be damned. Do not be afraid of running your pictures through your favourite photo-editing app – be it Snapseed, VSCO Cam or just the plain ole Instagram. A bit of judicious editing and some filters will improve your photo greatly. Of course, you don’t need to be a #NoFilter martyr, but please don’t overdo the faux HDR.


Author : Bobin James