Iceland- the wonder world

Iceland- the wonder world

Leeba Thomas, April 30, 2015
Dear, Iceland. You're the coolest.

Iceland is not all ice as you think it is, just like Greenland is not as green either. It sure is a place that has more to offer beyond just ice. Tired of the sexist wars? The gender stereotypes? Well, this is a place in the world that is free of such power struggles. A place that treats all as equals, it is a place where both men and women are respected. Yes, it’s the place where women enjoy access to every facility available, without discrimination. Iceland was one of the first countries in the world to legalise same-sex marriages. For five years in a row, Iceland has been rated the country with the smallest gender gap in the world as reported by World Economics Forum.

Nearly, all Icelanders speak impeccable English. Hence, no language barriers. In addition to this, the crime rate is extremely low. Therefore, you may not have to worry about being pick-pocketed or being attacked. The country is driven by tourism, therefore you can look forward to an amazing trip that Iceland promises. Hey, here comes the best part; Iceland is surprisingly not very expensive. Our currency could be weak; however, Iceland is one such place where our desi rupaiya can give us better hope. To justify, 2 Icelandic Kroner = 1 Indian rupee (only). The country also offers striking diversity, therefore breaking monotony. From an open field of lava rocks to the colourful city of Reykjavik situated near the mountains, you can see glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, snow conditions and also a peaceful valley. All in one place.

If adventure is your calling, Iceland calls you! Iceland is an ideal pick for an adventure trip, read on to find out why.


Reykjavik is a place that will give you the privilege of undertaking many adventurous tours within a short distance. A snorkelling tour is something you wouldn’t want to miss. Silfra, in Pingvellir national park, is the place that will take you through an unforgettable snorkelling tour. You get to explore the hidden world of lava fields under the Pingvellir national park. The lava caves have beautiful Icelandic lava tubes from the volcanic activity and it is breath-taking. Snorkelling in the Silfra fissure is the best experience you can ever have.

Glacier hiking

Glacier hiking tour is another treat for adventure lovers. One cannot leave without going on a glacier hiking tour when in Iceland. The challenging yet fun-filled activity takes you on a journey where you explore the beauty of these glaciers with guides to guide you through. Ice climbing takes little efforts and guts too, but it is one of the most thrilling experiences you would want to indulge in. If you are hungry for more, you have things like river rafting and horse riding too.


Gullfoss which means the Golden waterfall is one of Iceland’s natural phenomenon. The Geysir geothermal is the area where the Strokkur water geyser rises up to 30 meters in the air every four to eight minutes. Nature is at its best display here. There is greenery too and Iceland is not full of ice. Iceland has days with 24 hours of sunshine during the months of June and July. That’s how unique this place is! People in Iceland mostly prefer playing golf at midnight. The experiences that they share are splendid. What more can you ask for than a midnight sun?

With all that Iceland has to offer, how can one resist it? A wonderland indeed!

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