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You will be able to identify with this if you are an introvert

December 22, 2016
You will relate to this if you are an introvert

Introverts: The beings in the corners of rooms who watch everyone with observant eyes, saying little to nothing to other mortals. Within them is hidden the will to socialize, to mingle and to behave (what is termed by the society as- normal!) But, rampant in their exterior is the hard shell of being socially awkward and that shell is as thick as your wallet on salary day!

If you are a socially awkward person who would prefer a day alone rather than spend 5 minutes in a lift with your colleague, new year would probably look like this to you:

1. Swanky parties

Flyers plastered all over with jazzy colours that make it known to everyone that the New Year is close at hand, these New Year parties top your most dreaded event of the year. For you, a room full of people, music and dance is the stuff of nightmares! You’d rather take your fleece blanket, gather a few close friends (not more than 2), and indulge in a movie marathon.

2. The uninvited

Nearly all the hosts who organise these swanky parties know that inviting you is kinda pointless - because you will RSVP to their event and end up not attending! But here’s the catch- things will get a little cranky at your end if you are not invited at all! I mean, not attending after Rsvp-ing is one thing, and not getting invited at all is another, right?

3. Super pumped co-workers

All of your co-workers are making plans over your hunched-up self. There are Goa plans (which are going to get canned at the last minute), bring your drink party (which all the free loaders aren’t going to show up to), the one which your boss has planned (to remind you that he is nice to his employees), and last but not the least, the one which you all look forward to- the annual get together. Remember: You are socially awkward. You thrive on staying away from all socialisation. Get the point.

4. Pointless bursting of crackers

When the clock strikes 12, well you just don’t care- you might have just slept through the end of the past year and on to the start of the new year or have planned a movie marathon that will last through the night till the wee hours of morning. But- you do have a cranky start to the new year as your arch nemesis- the extroverts, burst noisy crackers that wake you from your slumber, or you can’t hear the audio of the movie that you had reserved to watch on New Year's Eve.

A total bummer isn’t it?

But what if you dared to venture out of your little box called your comfort zone? I mean, it is the end of 2016 already. This year you might have done something new and out of the usual, right? And chances are- you completely nailed it!

Try this: Go out to a party and instead of holding your drink through out the evening - go and try to make small talk with two people you have never ever spoken to. I guarantee you, the last set of cannibals were identified a long long time ago- to cut it short, NO ONE WILL EAT YOU ALIVE.

Once you have done that, the rest is not that difficult at all. The next step is for you to travel alone or in a group. Sounds like the ultimate plan to eradicate all socially awkward people - but what if I told you that 35% of people met their business partners, current spouses and even soul mates while in a different land; just because they dared to talk to someone?

Go ahead, find your adventure, book an air ticket to where ever- even if it just an inch away from your comfort zone.

Author : Roshal Mascarenhas