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Interesting facts about the Dubai Shopping Festival

January 7, 2016
Dubai Shopping Festival

Come January you’ll see most of the world making its way to Dubai. Why you ask? For the Dubai Shopping Festival! With getting a Dubai visa now being so easy, it’s no wonder that over the years more and more people have found their way to Dubai. As if shopping wasn’t an incentive enough, here are some interesting facts that’ll give you the much needed nudge.

1. The history is no longer a mystery

Ever wondered how this shopping festival started in the first place? It began as a trading event in 1996 to strengthen Dubai’s retail trade. Since then it has grown into a big month long event.

2. Discounts Discounts and Discounts!

Discounts from 50% to upto 75% on most of the outlets and malls here. Need we say more?

3. Population Explosion

This shopping festival sees a footfall of over 3 million people from all over the world. One of the biggest events, it does not get grander than this.

4. Beauty and the Beast

Yes, the Disney show. The Dubai Shopping festival is known not just for its shopping but also its entertainment quotient. This year it comes in the form of the award winning Broadway musical, Beauty and the Beast (among other plays and shows).

5. It’s not just about Shopping

Contrary to popular belief the festival is not just for shopping of clothes, jewellery etc. It also brings together various service providers who offer great discounts and promotions. A good place to connect and build your network.

6. Show me the money

The first ever Dubai Shopping festival that took place in 1996 saw a total expenditure of around AED 2.15 billion. It’s safe to assume that since then the expenditure has increased much more.

7. Try your luck

The Dubai shopping festival offers raffles in which you stand a chance to win anything from gold, cars, solitaire rings to some of the best products of top international brands.

8. Great holiday offers

If ever there was ever a good time to visit Dubai it would be during the shopping festival. Most of the airlines and travel companies offer good deals on Dubai packages for the festival. Shopping plus holiday it’s a great two in one combo offer. What more could one want?

Author : Sanjana Sule