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8 Jobs that pay you to travel the world

January 20, 2017
Jobs for travellers

All work and no travel, makes jack a dull boy. Not any more!

Travelling gives you that much-needed relief from your busy schedule. Most of us are often stuck looking at the calendar and searching for a long weekend to redeem you from all the work stress. While this is really a cool way to travel, it would be cooler to get paid for travelling. Isn’t it? You might still want to take a plunge in your career and consider a job switch. The professions listed below will literally take you places, all while you work. Here are some of our highly rated jobs that pay you for all the travel you do in the world.

Pilots and cabin crew

Albeit being the most evident profession to feature on this list, it is one of the most nerve-wracking professions to be in. Doused in a pool of glitter and glamour, this job requires diligent hard work. If you do get time from your tight schedule, you can surely make way for some exploration.


You know you are a photographer when you take care of your camera more than you take care of yourself. And that bring us to that fact that your love for photography can take you to places, literally. Being a travel photographer pays and even more so when you get paid to travel the world. While this is not just restricted to being a travel photographer; with destination weddings and creative pre-wedding shoots, there is scope for everyone here.

Historians / Archaeologists

A lot of mysteries of the world are lying buried under the sheaths of soil and sand. There are great civilisations hidden in the heart of the earth and who better than archaeologists that can fix earth’s soul by removing the scars lying hidden in its core, by telling their stories that lay suffocated underneath. Archaeologists and historians do need to travel for the beautiful work that they do. It is because of them that we draw parallels to our history and heritage.


Being a musician has its own perks. From creating magical melodies to travelling to numerous places for concerts, stage shows and performances, musicians sure living it large!

Travel agents

Wherever there is an event, there goes the coordinator. While this is a very demanding profile, it equally gives you the opportunity to travel. Orchestrating huge non-local events will surely give you the chance to go places. More the work, more the travel, in this case!


We are not just talking about travel bloggers here, whose bread butter is travelling. Whether you are a fashion blogger or food blogger, or even a gizmo blogger, being a blogger of any kind is rewarding in itself. With a nexus of a highly influential blogosphere, there are high chances that you get invited to an event or convention.

Modelling and acting

Depending on your shoot location and ramp shows, you will be required to travel. Now that exotic shooting locations are trending, being a model and actor does bear fruits. This glamorous career comes with a high dosage of travel.

Ship employee

Whether you are an engineer, chef, bartender or steward, working on a ship may not be an easy task, but is surely lucrative in more than one way. Whenever the ship is docked, you can head out and explore places. From cruising the Caribbean, exotic Oceania or anywhere else in the world, a ship employee has so many opportunities to see the world.

Author: Winnie Karnik