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Mark your calendar for KidsFest! Singapore 2015

January 28, 2015

The popular KidsFest! Singapore 2015 is back! Running successful in Hong Kong and Singapore ever since its debut in 2012, this popular festival begins from January 21, 2015 to March 1, 2015. Having enjoyed three successful runs in Singapore, the line-up for KidsFest 2015 promises an educational and an immersive experience. Dedicated to creating and promoting a wide variety of performances from all corners of the world, KidsFest! Singapore 2015 is all about compelling characters brought to life. Scenes from well-loved books are enacted vividly on stage. This exciting festival is a wonderful platform for family interaction, at the same time a fun-filled entertainment vacation. Here’s what you can look forward at the three week festival.

1. The Gruffalo (January 22nd - January 25th) 

The kids will love this entertaining act on how the mouse manages to scare hungry animals away with stories of terrifying Gruffalo. Get eager to know what will happen next when the Gruffalo comes face-to-face with the mouse. Join the mouse on an adventurous journey through the deep dark woods in this magical musical adaptation of the award- winning book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

2. Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo (January 29th - February 01st 

Amaze yourself at this prehistoric planet that houses creatures from bygone eras. Get a wild tour and watch wide-eyed from a safe distance or we dare you to get up close with these awesome prehistoric creatures on the stage. Experience the cute baby dinos as the palaeontologists take you on a once in a lifetime interactive experience!

3. The Snail and the Whale (January 30th - February 01st) 

A tiny snail wants to see the world, so she hitches a lift on the tail of a huge humpback whale. The stage is all set for you to explore the world together as they go on an amazing journey, experiencing sharks, penguins, icebergs and volcanoes. Fascinated by it all, the snail starts feeling very small in the vastness of the world and then disaster strikes – the whale becomes beached in a bay… So can the tiny snail save the day?

4. The Princess and the Pea (February 05th - February 08th)

Imagine yourself in a place where the Princesses doesn’t know whether they are Princesses and the Princes doesn't really want to become Kings. Indulge in an exciting hidden story of hidden castles when one wintry stormy night everything changes the scenario, the east wind blows through the castle of secrets, blowing away the cobwebs, lifting high the royal mattresses, ruffling feathers and unsettling all who lives there.

5. Hugless Douglas (February 06th - February 08th) 

Here comes a cute lovable brown bear - Hugless Douglas who wakes up one morning in need of a hug. He tries to find the perfect one, but none of them seem quite right. But, then Douglas soon discovers that there’s only one hug that will do – a big bear hug from his mum! Sit back and join Douglas in this happy new show that entertains you with laughter. Sing along songs as Douglas is on his way to his destination. Catch the show live as you never know, you might end up getting a hug as well!

6. The Tiger Who Came to Tea (February 19th - March 01st) 

How would you react when a tiger comes for a tea at your door bell? Experience like never before when the tiger is here for tea with Sophie and her Mummy! Following high success run in London’s West End, the tea-guzzling tiger makes his Asian debut in this delightful family show. Keep yourself packed with oodles of magic, sing-a-long songs and clumsy chaos as this stunning stage performance will keep your excitement intact!

7. Horrible Histories Barmy Britain Part Two (February 19th - March 01st) 

Want to experience a new world of history? Then prepare yourselves as the stage is all set for you to explore the Horrible Histories live with Barmy Britain - Part Two! Can you beat battling Boudicca? Can evil Elizabeth entertain England? Will King Charles keep his head? Would you stand and deliver to dastardly Dick Turpin? Escape the clutches of Burke and Hare and move to the groove with party Queen Victoria! Get all your questions answered when you travel along this historic tour.

8. Horrible Histories Vile Victorians (February 20th - February 28th)

Imagine yourself back in the history and explore how things were in the olden days as you get a chance to meet the people from history into real life. Could you be a Victorian historian? What exactly did a baby farmer do? Can you escape the misery of the mines or the filth of the factories? Do your best to dodge the rotten railway and prepare for the Charge of the Light Brigade! Get all set to join the terrible team from Horrible Histories as they take you on an never seen adventure into vile Victorian England.

KidsFest! Singapore 2015 is a wonderful event for kids to nurture interest in literature and language along with many other fun activities that are bigger and better. So, book your fun Singapore tour package now and let your kids into a world of fantasy! Get your Singapore visa for an unforgettable experience.