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Why does James Bond recommend this place?

August 10, 2016

Beautiful lands are not measured by size, but by those who sing their praises.

Before we start telling you about how the bug of wanderlust has bitten us again, you might want to take two minutes of your time viewing the pictures below.

Port in Montenegro
View from the top, Montenegro

Where is Montenegro?

One of the oldest European states that has architecture that will astound you, Montenegro is situated on the Balkan Peninsula. Situated at a mere 1 hour distance from Rome and 2 hours from Paris, this picturesque destination is located at the crossroads between Europe and Asia, between the Adriatic Sea and Serbia.

What is special about Montenegro?

The bylanes of Montenegro

The name Montenegro, when literally translated means Black Mountain. However, when anyone visits Montenegro, they know how ironic it all seems. The 2006 James Bond movie 'Casino Royale' made everyone sit up and notice the beauty of Montenegro. Although the shots that were said to be shot in Montenegro, were not real life locations, the tourism of Montenegro witnessed a steep hike. To many, visiting the destination of Montenegro is like travelling back in time. Most parts of this destination are stuck in a time warp; but nobody’s complaining if the view is brilliant!

Where to go in Montenegro?

The city of Kotor in Montenegro is a beautiful UNESCO town, which houses a fortress from where the best photos can be taken. It has repeatedly won the best in travel city award. Along similar lines is the city of Sveti Stefan (St Stephen).

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Noted as being the place that is a favourite of Queen Elizabeth II, Sveti Stefan is one of the Top 10 glamorous A-list destinations of the world. Montenegro also has the longest beach on the Adriatic sea: the Long beach. Whilst talking about natural wonders, the architectural marvels of Montenegro must not be left far behind. The Ostrog Monastery is an unusual Christian pilgrimage destination. This monastery is entirely carved out of a cave in a seemingly vertical mountain cliff! Built in the 17th century, it houses the remains of its founder: Sveti Vasilje who was canonized posthumously in 1971.

How to get to Montenegro?


Book your air tickets from your current destination to Podgorica Airport (TGD). If you are in Belgrade, there are two trains that will help you reach Bar, another modern city of Montenegro where it seems as if passing time has given it a miss.

Author : Roshal Mascarenhas