5 Most attractive currency notes in the world

March 30, 2017
Egypt paper note

We talk all the time about the shifting valuation of our currencies. We compare the value of our currency with those of the other countries, but what we rarely talk about is their appearances. Paper notes can be really attractive. Not that all countries have their paper notes designed to appear stunning, but there are some who surely have cared enough to design the look of their notes as beautifully as possible.

On that line, here is a list of countries that perhaps have designed, from time to time, some of the most attractive paper notes. You can holiday in whichever country you like from the list and return with some of their paper notes for yourself as the best possible souvenir from the region.

1. French Polynesia

French Polynesia

2. Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands

3. Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guniea

4. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

5. Egypt