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5 Most beautiful gardens to bewitch you

March 16, 2017
Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand

Gardens have always stimulated the imagination of a bard. It is a beautiful world of the greens, the reds, the pinks, the yellows and what not! Amid this inimitable beauty, a welter of stunning flora attracts a body of swarming bees and butterflies with an uncharacteristic aroma pervasive, which is an inviting image. Painters across ages have untiringly recreated such wonderful gardens onto their canvases leaving indelible impressions on the connoisseur's mind.

On this note, here are 5 incredible gardens that have no parallel. These are located in different parts of the world and attract eyes from all corners of the world every year. Take a look at these beautiful gardens and decide where do you wish to fly to before booking your flight ticket.

1. Rioting colourful flowers in Keukenhof park in Netherlands

Keukenhof Garden in Netherlands

2. The comely sight of the Zen Gardens in Japan

Zen Gardens in Japan

3. Spirit-uplifting walkways in the beautiful Longwood gardens in USA

Longwood Gardens in USA

4. The Majorelle garden in Morocco that is unforgettable to a witnessed sight

Majorelle Garden in Morocco

5. Gardens of La Alhambra in Spain is a marvel even to a pair of experienced eyes

La Alhambra Garden in Spain

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Author : Satarupa Hajra