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These stunning waterfalls can outshine even the Niagara Falls

February 28, 2017
A beautiful waterfall

God must have taken out some real time to design ‘Waterfalls’. Tucked away in unguessable and unimaginable nooks and crannies in the universe, there are some indescribably beautiful waterfalls that we can perhaps imagine only in heaven. The cascades jut out of mountains and gush forth downwards feeding into a larger mass of water creating a deafening uproar. Amid this beautiful cacophony, a few moments of human life spent, will let you amass a palliative respite from the challenges of human existence.

Here are some such awe-inspiring waterfalls that you must visit in this life of yours. To reach all these places, all you are required to do is just book a flight ticket.

1. Stupendous sight of the Plitvice Lakes located in the National Park, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

2. The unspeakable beauty of the Havasu Falls, Arizona

Havasu Falls, Arizona

3. When the day shines upon the towering Angel Falls, Venezuela

Angel Falls, Venezuela

4. Can this be heaven - Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

5. The balmy vista of the McWay Falls, California

McWay Falls, California

6. A milky Iguazu Falls, between Argentina and Brazil

Iguazu Falls, boundary between Argentina and Brazil

Author : Satarupa Hajra