Nagaland, where the last tribe of headhunters still exist

October 17, 2016
Headhunters, Nagaland

Home to around 16 tribes, the north-eastern state of Nagaland exudes old world charm. Until recently, these dauntless tribes practised head hunting - cutting off the heads of intruders and displaying them outside their houses.

The Hornbill Festival (Festival of Festivals) is held in the first week of December, which makes it an ideal time to experience the vibrant culture of this exotic land. From craft bazaar to indigenous games to music events, it promises a week-long celebration. Due to its picturesque landscapes - activities like jungle camping, trekking and rock climbing are quite popular in this place.

1. Dzukou Valley, a paradise full of breathtaking flora and fauna

Dzukou Valley

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2. Hornbill bird - spirit of unity in diversity


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3. Khonoma village, India’s first Green Village

Khonoma Village

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4. Girls dressed in wrap around, Aoyimti village

Aoyimti village

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5. Mushroom doomed pillars, Kachari ruins of Dimapur

Kachari ruins, Dimapur

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6. Doyang Lake, an eco-tourism spot known for Amur falcons (travelling raptors)

Sunrise above Doyang Lake

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7. Tribal dance during the Hornbill Festival

Tribal dance, Nagaland

8. Momos and tea - foodgasm guaranteed

Tea and momos, Nagaland

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9. Member of the indigenous tribe

Tribal man, Nagaland

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How to reach Nagaland

By flight: Nearest Airport, Dimapur

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Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur