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Nine types of friends we all have

August 2, 2016
Nine types of friends we all have

Friends are people who are with you in the worst and best of times. They are your pillars of strength. They are with you when life bogs you down, to lift you up. Most of us are lucky to have a gang of people to be with and to travel with. But wherever in the world you are, you will find similarities amongst your friends. These similarities allow you to group them into a certain type. The following video is all about nine types of friends we all have: The “Lets go to Goa friend”, or the “Sleepy Head Friend” are some of the types of friends we all have and each of these are special to us. 

Share this video with your friends and tag them. But the trick is to let them guess what type they fall under!

P.S: Don’t break the link! Keep tagging, Keep sharing and show your friends you care!

Author : Roshal Mascarenhas