These Photos Are Taking The Internet By Storm: Ramadaan in Dubai

June 15, 2016
Ramadaan In Dubai

When you want to least feel it, it comes roaring through your tummy. When you have amazing food waiting for you, you suddenly feel overstuffed. Hunger can have its own mood, its own temperament. These are statements from a friend who has been observing fasts in the holy month of Ramadaan. Hunger is silenced in the evening by the hearty feast, commonly known as Iftar, and in the morning; before the dawn breaks with the feast of Suhoor.

Without further ado, we bring you this year’s top picks for breaking bread in this beautiful season of forgiveness and what's better than spending your Ramadaan In Dubai?

1. In the UAE, the month of Ramadaan is observed meticulously and the time of Iftaar is a phenomenon that sends the message of humanity and brotherhood, loud and clear.


2. For those who didn't know, Suhoor is eaten in the early hours of morning, before the break of dawn, and Iftar is the equivalent of Suhoor, but is eaten after the moon has finally graced the skies with its presence. Many high-end restaurants in Dubai serve a lavish spread for Iftar.

3. A popular dish not only with those observing Ramadaan in Dubai, but almost everywhere - The Mutton Biryani

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4.When you're surrounded by food, indulge : for there's little left at 'Steak'

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5. Move Over Traditional Kebabs : Spiced Prawn and Pepper Calamari are on service this Iftar

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6. Iftar and meat go hand in hand most times. A curry preparation of the best spices and steamed goat trotters. Mutton Paya, anyone?

7. All's well that ends well. Magic is churned when cooked rice and milk are mixed with jaggery and sugar. Viola! Phirni awaits to greet that little portion of your tummy reserved for sweets

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: Roshal Mascarenhas