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Read Only If You Dare To Take Risks

April 29, 2016

Carefree Traveller
Well, since you’ve landed on this page, I assume you love taking risks. Okay. Good. By the way, if you think risk is what you do at the stake of something, then sorry, you’re mistaken. Risk is anything that you’re uncertain of, and is also something that you wouldn’t do usually.

Okay, let’s begin. Here’s a risky plan, not dangerous. You have to mentally answer a few questions, and if your answers are a ‘No’ , then O my dear reader, you will have a swag story to narrate to your grandchildren. Will it matter to you if you went on a short trip and would post no pictures on social media platforms nor mention the trip to anyone? Do you find it very difficult to keep a promise that you made to yourself? Do you care too much about what people will think of you?

All ‘No’s? Good, very good! In this day and age when travelling means going to a place, clicking pictures, shopping, partying, and other things that tourists do, we’re forgetting that there is so much more that can be done. Here are few things you can dare to do on a vacation, not to prove a point or anything, just for experience’s sake.

Mute Mode On

I dare you to observe silence on your complete trip. If you dare to do it, don’t worry about communicating, there are other ways, and I’m sure you will figure out. A difficult one but I’m sure you will never forget this trip.

Change Of Identity

Tamasha Movie
You’ve seen it in movies, try it in real life. Trust me, it’s fun! Create a character and blow life into it. You lose nothing but you gain an experience. Be someone that you wouldn’t dare to be in your home town.

Work In A Local Shop

Working With Locals
Work in some place where your degree, your communication skills, nor your expertise would be required. Learn it, and excel in it. It can be something as small as cleaning the dishes, to taking orders in a local hotel, to selling some products that they have. Don’t bind yourself, let loose, come out of your comfort zone.

Be The Star Performer

Street Performance
Make new friends and put up a street performance. No matter how good or bad you are at dancing, singing, or acting. The only thing that matters is the attention that you hold in the span of those couple of minutes. It’s a different high!

Zara Hatke

Street locals
Wake up and set out, your target is to collect as many smiles as possible. Walk on the streets and offer whatever help you can to anybody who seems to need it. Anything as trivial as buying a meal for a homeless, or fanning a man who is labouring in the scorching heat.

Do it, and tell no one.

Author : Leeba Thomas