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Robots Are Taking Over The World As You Read This!

July 22, 2016

Robots are taking over the world
Not so long ago, the tech geeks made a prediction that robots would take over the universe as we know it, and no surprises here, robots are taking the world by storm as you read this. After technology changed the way we travel, the next big thing is this robot couple taking envy invoking travel photographs across the world. Imitating the famous traveller couple: Murad and Nataly Osmann, whose claim to fame are the breathtaking #followmeto photographs, the handlers of the Instagram account watchpartsrobots have managed to grab eyeballs with robots reenacting the photos of this famous traveller couple.

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The Vatican Museum

The Robots In The Vatican Museum

Calling this museum beautiful would clearly be an understatement. Surrounded with art all over, from the ceiling to the strong pillars, the beauty of the Vatican Museum is unspoken. Comprising of almost two dozen distinct collections by the elected pontiffs over time, the highlight of a Vatican Museum tour is the Sistine Chapel.

The Neon Boneyard In Las Vegas, Nevada

The Robots In The Neon Boneyard, Las Vegas

Does it sound unusual to you? The Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas, when simply put, is the graveyard of all the neon signage of the famous ‘strip’ of Las Vegas. Established in 1966, the boneyard offers a history lesson of Las Vegas by a simple tour of dilapidated signs which are loaned or donated to the boneyard as parts of the frozen past. Alphabets and caricatures that have faded with time just lay here in this boneyard, as a silent reminder of the glorious past they once were a part of.

The Side Streets Of Europe

The Robots In Europe

When in Europe, it's a cardinal sin to not click a picture as you cobbled streets that are a integral part of it. A little alleyway, decorated with intricate signs that hang from twisted irons, the combination of polished and rugged stones that form a part of the European streets is the ultimate formula for invoking the envy of your social media circle.

The Distillery Historic District, Toronto, Ontario

The Robots in Toronto, Ontario

Popularly known as shopping and entertainment village, The Distillery Historic District is lined with Victorian Era buildings, and is popular with tourists for successfully combining contemporary designs with modern creativity. Through out the year, this district plays host to various entertaining cultural events, and if you find yourself booking an air ticket to Toronto in the month of December, please do visit this district to be a part of its annual Christmas Market!

Normalcy is for robots and humans alike

The Robots Often Shop Together Too

Travelling can get a little too tiring (and expensive) for robots too. So there’s nothing like doing a little household chores together. After all, the couple that hustles together, stays together!

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Author : Roshal Mascarenhas