Shane Watson Embarks On A New Journey

March 29, 2016

Shane Watson
Every journey begins so that it comes to an end. And life is no different. You create goals, and you achieve it. So did Shane Watson, and he did it beautifully. Fourteen years of living his dream and playing for his country, Shane Watson retires from international cricket. Being one of Australia’s finest cricketers, Shane Watson has proved to be a game saver in many of the matches. He is one of the only seven men in history to have achieved the double of 10000 runs and over and above 250 wickets in international cricket across all three formats. This legend takes a break, only to begin a new journey, to live life to the fullest, and to spend time doing things he loves

Queensland Outback
Shane Watson hails from Ipswich, Queensland; a treasure land of beauty and nature’s abundance. Queensland gave the world a legend, there’s definitely more to this place. If you believe that trips are meant to overwhelm you with the knowledge of how beautiful the world is, you must take a trip to Australia, and Queensland will have you overwhelmed like you’d never imagine. The skies, the ocean below, the wind, and all that there is to Queensland will move you. The Great Barrier reef to the offshore of Queensland, is the world’s largest coral reef system, and you can’t afford to miss it. Our Australia tour packages wait at your disposal, with a promise to help you make a wonderful trip.

Author : Leeba Thomas