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Are You Brave Enough To Read This? The Brutally Honest Blog

June 8, 2016

The Brutally Honest Blog

Hey there,
I know what you’re doing right now, besides reading this piece of writing. You’re going to read this, marvel at the pictures that are selected for this particular piece of writing, shut the tab and go back to your ordinary grind.

I have one question for you. Why go through the trouble of even reading this?

I mean: You can even google images of the most beautiful images, go there in your sails of the night (often known as your dreams), and come back blissfully happy.

Just don’t read any further if you don’t have the will to travel.

Well, if you do have the will - then know this:

1.No Air Ticket is free, but the experience is priceless.

2.No Holiday Package is absolute, but the photos that you will preserve are perfect.

3.No Tour is free of cost and complimentary, but then a cost is attached to even the most blissful things in life.

The reason I am being brutally honest with you is for the simple reason that life in the 21st century cannot be pretentious. Even with you, dear reader, your corporate guard has to be put down in front of your family! There is a need for you to shed off your inhibitions, your fears, your terms and conditions - just like I have shed mine in this brutally honest piece.

No more asterisks in the corner of advertisements that scream out offers.

Life and travel are NOT synonymous. But if you decide to make them both one - you need to do so by shedding every aspect in your life that tells you “Its not safe!” and delve right into the midst of it.

From here on- Make a promise to yourself to live a life without asterisks. Travel accepting that things can go wrong. No flight can give you seamless service, and if they do- well, good for you- you just experienced a good day in travel!

But the bad days- well they happen almost everyday!

A mismanaged tour, a miscommunicated flight time, an overpriced tour, an insufficient food helping - this is what you experience and rant about on your social media pages.

But- during that mismanaged tour- did you experience anything besides obvious discomfort? The thrill of being left behind by a guided mandatory city tour ? The extra cost that made you take the local transport? Well - you just experienced something that no one in that guided tour has !

That Miscommunicated Flight time by that newbie who organised your trip? Well, where else but in an airport will you see people of different nationalities letting their guard down in an alien state?

That overpriced tour? Well, you were among the lucky ones to have had the money to pay for it in the first place.

Insufficient food helping at a restaurant? Well, did you talk to the locals asking about the restaurant? After experiencing this, you will!

I only have one thing to ask of you dear reader:


Love Always,
Someone who writes pretentiously for 364 days in a year.
(Apart from this one sunny day)

Author : Roshal Mascarenhas