The Goa Beyond Beaches And Beer

June 30, 2016
Dudhsagar at Goa

Goa, the party capital of India has an abundance of ethnicities that can be explored and admired. Goa is blessed with some perfect serene beaches to relax and sip beer! But are the beaches and beer the only thing of Goa?

My recent visit to Goa made me realize that there is so much more to be explored in Goa than just the beaches!

Underwater shipwreck diving

Who said that you had to visit Andamans or Thailand to experience scuba diving? Goa, blessed with a beautiful coast and even more beautiful underwater kingdom, offers you some great diving spots - one being a shipwreck dive to explore the colonial sunken ships from the Portuguese era. You can explore the wrecks near Mormugao harbor. Located near the Bat Island and Grande Island, the area is a saltwater lagoon, home to colorful fish and precious corals. If you are more adventurous, you can even get yourself enrolled for a sucba diving course and learn the basics of the art of diving.

Jungle Trekking to the Hot Springs of Goa

If you are tired of visiting beaches and having beer, trek up to a sweet water lagoon. It is a paradise that originates in natural hot springs from within the Goan jungle. Surrounded by green hills and coconut groves, you can discover the beauty and spiritual vibe of the lagoon. Its official name is Vagkolam, but locals and travellers prefer calling it by its nickname, ‘Sweet Water Lake’. Just dip your feet in the fresh warm water, lay back and feel the heat of sand, which comes from the hot springs. A narrow pathway meandering through the Goan jungle takes you away from the touristy hustle-bustle. It is perfect for solo travellers.

Mount Mary Chapel

Most of the churches and chapels are located on ground level, except this one. It is far less crowded than rest of the churches in Goa. There are a series of steps that lead the way to this white coloured chapel. Located in Old Goa, this chapel is closed now and is being preserved for posterity, but the view offered from the vantage point is worth going for. The chapel offers breathtaking view of the verdant scenery of Old Goa, the meandering Mandovi river and the Konkan Railway.

Learning a New Dance Form

How can you not dance when you are in Goa? Moving your body to the club music comes so naturally when you are in Goa. Apart from the clubbing and pubbing, you can get yourself enrolled in a dance class and learn a new form of dancing. From jive, hip-hop, waltz, tango, there’s an option for every kind of dance form.

Savouring the Seafood

Another reason, I am actually a fan of Goa is the because of the variety of seafood that it offers. Goa is a paradise for seafood lovers. The seafood made in authentic Goan style is something you will never want to miss. Some of the Goan dishes that you ought try are chicken xacuti, pork vindaloo, prawns balchao and the dessert that is Goa’s identity - bebinca.

So this time you visit Goa you should definitely give a shot at various other activities apart from just drinking beer or relaxing at beaches! Check out a few more offbeat things to do in Goa.

Author: Winnie Karnik