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If you do this to your boarding pass, you must stop right now

October 21, 2016
The secret behind your boarding pass

Every day, each day - you are surrounded by codes, systematic arrangement of numbers, and even signage that is discoverable only by electronic devices. Most of us carelessly discard our boarding pass, or even click a photo of the same to post along with our check-ins at various airports.

If you do any of the above, you may want to read this.

Each of these so - called codes have information stored and tucked away in them - sometimes more than you can even imagine. That bar code that you have on your boarding pass? Surprise, surprise! Even that means something.

Right from the time you book your flight tickets to the time you print out your boarding pass, each of the numbers that you see and are asked for, contain certain tid-bits of information. Especially the bar code. If anyone gets hold of your carelessly discarded boarding pass, they might be in power of obtaining information about you. If you’re wondering what kind of information, once the bar code is read, they might be able to discover more about your future travel plans and most importantly your frequent flier number!

Once they have your confirmation number, they can log into the website as you, and reset your airline PIN number, change your seat, postpone your flights - all in all, they can make your flying experience really uncomfortable and obstructive.

The chances of someone actually doing this though are bleak, it never hurt anyone just to be a tad more careful. After all - the information that you chose to share with your airlines and your travel plans must be kept private, and airlines all around the world are very careful not to impart the information you share with them to just anyone who asks for it. But the scenario changes when you, yourself decide to let go of such information.

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