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The Secret Celebrities That You Don’t Notice When You Travel

June 3, 2016

It cracks me up, when I see what the world has to say about travelling. It points out that which won’t go unnoticed, unexplored, and unattended. I feel we’re all blinded by what the world expects us to see, feel, and experience. We fail to understand that there are so many things waiting to be noticed, and appreciated, or at least acknowledged. These are the things nobody pointed out to us, these are the secret celebrities.

As you stroll through the streets to behold the glorified monuments mentioned on your itinerary, you miss out the secret celebrities that contribute equally to the charm and the essence of the city. Let me take you through a street from your dream destination. Let’s explore the unsung heroes on our way, let’s travel!

That little shop on the corner of the street

Street food stall

Some street food stalls have gained a reputation of being the best at what they sell. They are recommended, featured in blogs, used as a key landmark, and are known to have captured the food culture of the city in the best way possible. Beautiful sights can be forgotten, but a hungry stomach will always remember the taste of the sizzling delicacy, and the soul will never forget the place. These people with magic in their hands, are the secret celebrities of every city.

Graffiti/ Tagging

Graffiti And Tagging

Leaving one’s mark in this world is a subjective term. Some do great deeds and leave behind a name that generations will know about; some resort to tagging, and graffiti, that’s their way of leaving a mark. We won’t get into the right and wrong of it, but one thing we cannot deny is that we recognise these tags. We may not consciously acknowledge its presence, but if we were to be shown a picture, we would recognise it. They are the secret celebrities that have subconsciously reserved a place in the minds of thousands of people.

The People


Above all, what we miss the most is to see the people. We see a crowd with faces that won’t stay in our memory. These are the people who have, in their own way, contributed to what the city is as you see it. Each one walks around with a story, every face speaks volumes, if only you cared enough to notice.

When you walk into a city, every human, every pillar, every experience, defines the city. So better watch out! When you go on a holiday next time, don’t forget to notice the secret celebrities.

Author : Leeba Thomas