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The shortest flight in the world is....

September 19, 2016
The shortest flight in the world

When time is money, and the pace of life is fast, everyone wants quick fixes to everything. Be it the quickest way to cook, or even the easiest way to book an air ticket, no one wants anything that’s slow paced. In a world where you can literally buy anything and everything in a minute, there is even a commercial flight that will take you from one destination to the other in under one minute!

The shortest flight in the world is a mere 47 seconds long, and takes passengers from Westray to Papa Westray in the Orkney islands in Scotland. The total distance that is covered by the flight is a little more than one mile. All it takes is 47 seconds for the complete air journey.

While that takes its time to sink in, here are 4 of the world’s longest flight journeys, in ascending order of their total distances:

1. Dubai, UAE - Houston, Texas: This sector is a total of about 8,168 miles. That’s about the time you will take to watch the whole of the Harry Potter series if you watch them back to back (about 16.5 hours). Without watching the credits, of course!

2. Doha, Qatar - Los Angeles, California: Total kilometers - 8,306 miles; when translated into travel time becomes a humongous 16.5 hours! In simpler words, that’s about the time an Iphone battery will last for.

The longest flight journeys of the world

3. Dallas, Texas - Sydney, Australia: This journey will take you a whole of 17 hours (8,578 miles). Or the estimated time of a road trip from Mumbai to Bangalore, while discovering Lonavala on the way.

4. Auckland, New Zealand - Dubai, UAE: When you’re around 30 - 40 thousand feet in the air, and you have 17.25 hours, you can watch one and half season of Game of thrones. Not to mention, also pressing the pause button a couple of times when the gory bits get to you.

While we cannot make the flight distances any shorter, or for that fact even the travel time; what we can do is make sure the trip is the best you will have for a long,long time.

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Author : Roshal Mascarenhas