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The Tales of Morocco

May 13, 2016

We’ve heard of people travelling to Europe for a holiday; the streets of Paris, the waters of Venice, to the beautiful towns of Greece. But if you move just a little south from the green lands of Europe you’ll find a world hidden away amidst the swirling dust of sand. A land whose busy by lanes and ancient medinas take you back in time. Where the smell of spices and coloured streets dominate your every day. A land that not only boasts of the Saharan desert but also of classic cities like Casablanca and Marrakech. A land of timeless beauty, called Morocco. So just sit back and relax and let these photos do all the talking.

"What is a good place to begin?"

"How about through that door? It opens up into a new world"

Meknes city, northern Morocco



"In the distance I could hear the chatter of the shopkeepers coming from the narrow lanes of the medina, and I knew I was home"



"It was when the past, the present and the future all came together, that a new definition for beauty was created"



"Sometimes happiness can be as simple as seeing all the colours in one place"



"As the curtain parted, I caught a glimpse of the city under the night sky, and oh how it glimmered bright!"



"There's a small town in Morocco, where you learn to fall in love with the colour blue"

Chefchaouen, Morocco.



If the way to your heart is through food, then you have to try the Pastilla when in Morocco."



The souks of Marrakech are here to satisfy your hunger.



"There's a place in Morocco, where even the walls have stories to tell"

Aït Benhaddou



Author : Sanjana Sule