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The Journey from Before Sunrise to Before Midnight

July 6, 2015

‘Isn't everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?’ - Before Sunrise.

Do you remember watching the heart-warming movie ‘Before Sunrise?’ It is a romantic saga of two characters Jesse (Ethan Hawke)- an American guy who meets Céline (Julie Delpy) - a French female on a train in Europe. They connect deeply and their spontaneity leads them to disembark in Vienna where they spend carefree time getting to know each other. Then came the sequel ‘Before Sunset’, where they reunite in Paris after 9 long years and discover their lost love. The story moves to the next level in the third movie ‘Before Midnight’, where they holiday in Greece with their twin daughters and rekindle their romance. This trilogy beautifully portrays the different stages of a relationship through gripping conversations on love and life. Excited? So, to experience the majestic Europe, explore our Europe tour packages and crack the best travel deals ever.

Join me as I take you through this interesting trail: Vienna - Paris - Greece

Before Sunrise (1995) Vienna

Before sunrise to before midnight

Jesse and Céline wander through the streets of Vienna, frolicking and exploring the charming landmarks of this haven. After enjoying a ride at Wiener Riesenrad (Vienna Giant Wheel), they stroll alongside the Danube canal. Do you recall the playful fake phone conversation they had at a Viennese cafe, pretending to be each other’s friends and they do this, only to know what the other person’s feelings are!

Before sunrise to before midnight

They celebrate the evening at a park. Wasn’t the morning with the beautiful sunrise tempting? Well, the delightful ambience and the unforgettable experiences result in two of them falling in love with each other. The movie ends with both of them at the train station with the plan to meet after six months at the same place.

Before Sunset (2004) Paris

Before sunrise to before midnight

Unable to meet at the agreed venue, Jesse writes a novel ‘This Time’ inspired by their Vienna tryst, with the only hope of meeting Céline once again, and the book becomes a bestseller. Jesse’s desire is satiated when he spots her in ‘Shakespeare and Company’ (bookstore) while he is on his book tour in Paris.

Before sunrise to before midnight

The two begin to chat and explore the romantic city of Paris - visiting the cafe and garden. Didn’t you enjoy the picturesque scene where they take a ride on a boat? They indulge in sightseeing on the charming Seine River and you’re mesmerised by the enticing beauty of this paradise. Do you remember the last scene when Céline surprises Jesse with her alluring waltz? I bet you enjoyed her melodious voice and entertaining moves, didn’t you?

Before Midnight (2013) Greece

Before sunrise to before midnight

In this third movie, Céline and Jesse are a couple and they enjoy a vacation with their twin girls in Greece. The scene where Jesse rests in the garden discussing plots of his books with his friends was stunning, wasn’t it? The breathtaking mountains, peaceful ambience, crystal clear lakes projected the beauty of Greece very well.

Before sunrise to before midnight

Their friends gift them a stay at a luxurious hotel. Do you recall that amazing scene when they walk down the streets of Greece? Their spontaneous conversations are revived, which had disappeared from their life with family and work responsibilities taking the priority zone. They visit a church, reminisce about their happy times and then enjoy a spellbinding sunset together. Didn’t you connect with the climax scene when they argue on family issues but finally patch up with Jesse entertaining Céline with his time travel tales?

Indeed, true love is never lost, it finds its way back home!

For all you romantics, enjoyed the refresher? Do share your favourite scenes or dialogues from this celebrated trilogy with us in the comment box below.