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The Notebook: Story of the Seabrook Island

September 21, 2015

The Notebook: Story of the Seabrook Island

“Read this to me, and I’ll come back to you” ~ The Notebook

On the occasion of World Alzheimer's Day, on 21 September, 2015, let’s take a stroll through the touching journey of Noah (Ryan Gosling) and Allie (Rachel McAdams) from the popular movie ‘The Notebook’. It’s a classic tale where Allie suffers from Alzheimer's and each day Noah reads to her their old time tales from her notebook (diary). As she hears their adventures and wonderful times spent on the Seabrook Island, South Carolina (US), she regains her memory and this elderly couple rejoice at the miracle of God and love, which goes beyond science.

Allie visits Seabrook Island, a pristine island, with a thriving wildlife and myriad of colourful birds. A paradise for beach lovers. She comes here to enjoy her summer vacation, where she meets Noah and her life changes forever. Sounds interesting right? Then, book your flight tickets and visit your favourite destinations, as exciting stories of your life are waiting to be born.

Take a look at how Allie discovers her passions and true happiness during her summer trip:

1. Travel makes you sing and dance

The Notebook: Story of the Seabrook Island

Noah and Allie walk through the streets, talk and laugh. The leisure walks and their crazy talks inspire them to sing and dance and make them forget all their worries. Travelling has that effect on you. It unburdens you, relaxes you, making you try new things, even if it is singing and dancing on the streets.

2. Travel helps you discover your hobby

Noah and Allie meet at a carnival and Noah is drawn to her. After some days, they catch up for a movie, chat with each other and during their interesting conversations, Allie realises that painting is her real hobby which brings peace to her. Travelling will help you discover those inner passions and hobbies of yours.

3. Travel makes you a free bird

Remember the scene when Noah and Allie are frolicking by the sea? Yes, you are right, Allie feels light, wishes to fly like a bird and celebrate her freedom. Travelling liberates you from the shackles of daily life. It makes you feel free as a bird soaring in the sky. An experience you never want to let go.

4. Travel treats you to heavenly vistas you might have never thought existed

The Notebook: Story of the Seabrook Island

The cinematography of this movie is incredible. When Noah and Allie go boating at the lake, they encounter countless white ducks and the overall beauty of the place seems to be out of the world, don’t you agree? You know what’s better? Experiencing it first hand.

5. Travel gets the child in you alive

Didn’t we all love the scene when Allie gets naughty and rubs the ice cream over Noah’s face? Well, take out some time and try to recall all the mischiefs you’ve done during your trips and smile :)

6. Travel makes you fearless

Remember the scene, where Noah and his friends swing through the rope and jump in the river? Initially, Allie hesitates but looking at the fun others are having in the cool waters, she sheds her fear and slips into the water. Travel helps you overcome your fears, which in turn helps you make some crazy memories.

7. Travel makes you fall in love

The Notebook: Story of the Seabrook Island

When you travel, you meet new people and fall in love with the people, their culture, their food, isn’t it? In this film, Allie met her sweetheart Noah and decided to settle down with him in the enticing island of Seabrook. But not just the people or the place, travelling is an inward journey too, and sometimes the person you fall in love with could be you.

Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur