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8 Facts about Himachal Pradesh that nobody ever told you

February 22, 2017
Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh being one of the most favoured destinations, we are today quite acquainted with the tourist spots there. But despite our knowledge, there are certain things in Himachal that we are not very familiar with. Here is a list containing 8 things that you must do while in Himachal Pradesh and rediscover the mountainous region all over again. So book your flight ticket and get ready for the experience.

1. Solang Valley

Solang Valley

Nature paints the entire Solang Valley in all white around the wintry days. The temperature of the place is on the low and an ineluctable chill begins to permeate your skin as soon as you enter the zone. But then it is in this expansive tract of land that you can allow the child locked within you to bolt out and run wild. There are numerous adventure sports that take place in the Solang Valley for you to try out such as paragliding, skiing and rope-way rides among others.

2. Journey from Kasol to Chalal

Hiking in Himachal Pradesh

Please the adventurer in you by taking a Kasol to Chalal hike. It is a short, dusty and dilapidated trail connecting the green terrain of Kasol to the minuscule hamlet of Chalal. The road is extremely soothing to the eyes as well as sonorous to the aural senses and along the trail runs parallely the gorgeous Parvati river.

3. Rabbits


You could be wondering as to why should there be a mention of rabbits. Perhaps this picture of a giant rabbit will be able to wise you up to the rationale behind. The white and furry rabbits are giant and tourist-friendly. You can photograph with them till you have your fill.

4. Gulab-Jamun

Gulab Jamun

Round and diminutive, these red and sweet balls are of great appeal to everyone. Local sellers sit by the roadside near the Manali Mall road and sell bowlful of these like hotcakes everyday. They are also very inexpensive.

5. Trouts

A plate of Trout fish

One of the most important reasons for a Himachal Pradesh trip is a plate of well-cooked trout fish. Native to cold waters, the trout fish is available in fewer places in India, and one such place is Himachal Pradesh.

6. Kasol to Rasol


Also known as Magic Rasol, this is one of the fundamental reasons as to why should you go to Kasol in Himachal Pradesh. You have to trek from Kasol to reach Rasol via Chalal. And should you ask why to consider this trek? Well, sometimes the journey however arduous, is more beauteous than the destination itself.

7. The Parvati Valley

Parvati Valley

The Parvati river is one stunning and clear water body that rises from the Man Talai glacier and then plunges into the Beas river in Bhuntar. The valley is a landmass of greenness and it is the route to some even more beautiful places such as Lahul and Spiti.

8. Hidimba Devi Temple

Hidimba Devi Temple

Not the general prototype of a temple is this sacred place of worship in the state. Located inside a forested area in Manali, this beautiful temple, built in the year 1553, is dedicated to the wife of Bhima. The place looks picturesque especially post-snowfall thus becoming an apt background for a selfie.

Author : Satarupa Hajra