This New Year, bunk office and take a vacation

December 19, 2016
This New Year bunk office and take a vacation

Remember the popular phrase ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’? It’s so apt in the case of workaholics. They don’t take time off from work and life soon becomes boring for them. If you too fall in this category, change yourself before it’s too late. This New Year, make a resolution that you’ll step out of your office cubicle and take an unplugged vacation. Here’s how travel can make you a well-rounded person.

1. Travel helps you awaken your senses

Outdoors awaken your senses
Staying indoors isolates you from the ecosystem. While you holiday outdoors, you are exposed to different culture and ways of life. You realise the world outside is as exciting as your work. It gives you the opportunity to observe the wildlife in their natural habitat, hear the melody of birds chirping in the forests, smell the fragrance of flowers, taste scrumptious cuisines and feel the natural breeze and sun on your skin.

2. Travel teaches you to take more vacations

Time to travel
According to research, workaholics take few vacations and make the holiday a stressful one by visiting too many places in a shorter span of time. Hectic work schedule followed by a stressful holiday leaves you with no time to relax. If this sounds familiar to you, then learn to take frequent vacations, pamper yourself with luxury which will help you rejuvenate your spirit.

3. Travel introduces you to new people outside work

Make new friends
When you take vacations, you meet new people with different beliefs and views of the world. You discover the best in humanity, learn about different perspectives on life and make new friends. It helps you connect with like- minded people which in turn makes you happy.

4. Break free from routine

Camping in the wild
Travelling helps in liberating oneself from the boring routine. It rewards you with new experiences and adds excitement to life. You open up to the adventures your trip offers which include watersport activities, camping in the wild and lots more.

5. Travel revives your childhood memories

Karaoke singing
Holidaying reminds you of your childhood days - when you were free from all sorts of responsibilities and lived every moment with enthusiasm. It awakens the child in you which inspires you to indulge in fun activities from karaoke singing to crazy dancing to sharing horror stories in the woods.

Follow your heart, fly to exotic holiday destinations and discover the new you.

Author : Vijaylaxmi Thakur