10 Insider tips to ace your first jungle safari

10 Insider tips to ace your first jungle safari

Winnie Karnik, February 10, 2017
Life is a zoo in a jungle.

One of the most coveted experiences is to witness wildlife in their natural habitat. Whether you are going on your tenth safari or your first safari, preparing for a safari cannot be taken lightly. Knowing what to pack and preparing yourself for the ride is a game in itself. It is also imperative to know what to expect and not during your safari to not get disappointed. Here is a list of things to know while you are preparing for your first ride.

1. Have some handy cash

Engulfed by a thick grove, you are lodged under a canopy of trees imbued by the musical chirping of birds and occasional acoustics from various wild animals. While it is an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime, you will not be placed in the most contemporary environments. It is better that you take some cash with you while you are en route to the destination.

2. Carry an extra sim card

If you want to stay unplugged, then just skip this point. Otherwise, if you have to stay connected, call your resort and find out about the network accessibility in that area. If your network doesn’t hold up strong there, you might consider buying a new sim card.

3. Be prepared to stay primitive

Disconnected from the world, secluded in a jungle, away from the hustle and bustle of society, a safari trip takes you in the depth of nature’s heart and refreshes you. A trip that is so serene and secluded that you might be reminded of your ancestral life.

4. Be prepared for the temperature

It is always a good idea to call your resort and ask about the day and night temperatures. Alternatively, you might also rely on Google for this information. Sometimes, the weather can be extreme - you might have to face extreme cold and extreme heat at the same time. Both of these require a different type of preparation.

5. Follow the safari rules

A certain code of conduct needs to be maintained while you are on a safari. Not talking loudly, not eating, not littering around, not screaming at animals, not getting off your vehicle is only to name a few. It is advisable to not wear bright clothes. Dull colors that camouflage with the surroundings are recommended. Remember, you are entering their residence. So, following house rules becomes your responsibility.

6. Pre-book your safaris

If you’ve pre-planned your vacay, then it is always a good idea to book your safari in advance. This will avoid last-minute disappointments.

7. Pack your bag a day in advance

You’ll be required to leave very early in the morning for a ride. So getting everything packed in advance will help you reach safari on time.

8. Important things to include in your backpack

ID proof and booking confirmation are the most important documents that can’t skip. If you fail to produce your id, you’ll be forfeited from taking the safari. Cap, binoculars, water, sunscreen, insect repellent cream, camera, scarf, glares, seasonal clothes (summer or winter, as the weather demands), torch, medicines, food (permitted to eat only during the break-time, not) are other essentials that’ll save your day.

9. Reach on time and leave on time

Safaris have a specific time when they are opened and closed. They might not permit you inside the forest if you cross the time. Moreover, while returning, your safari guide and driver may be penalized if you get late. So realizing that is equally important.

10. Organized tours vs private tours

If you’re a newbie, we’d recommend you to join a safari tour. The logistics involved might baffle you. If you’re a pro, you might do it on your own as well. But then, both have their own pros and cons.

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