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Twice as luck, twice as love - the couple that got twice lucky!

February 15, 2016


How many times did you click on the Musafir tab and got ‘All our flights are booked. Try again later’ notification? Many, right? Well, meet the Rao couple from Bangalore who got lucky not once, but twice. Now how cool is this!

Both of them tapped the Musafir button using the Uber app and won a free trip each from Bengaluru. Mr. Chetan Rao won a free trip to Pune and Mrs. Divya Rao won a free trip to Kochi.

You must be wondering where they are headed to, right? The explorers that they are, they are following their trail together to Pune and wanderlusting like true-blue Musafirs for their Valentine's Day celebration.

We wish them a happy and a safe journey. Hope they have a great time on their Valentine special getaways.

Author: Winnie Karnik