Twin Village Of Kerala

Twin Village Of Kerala - Where Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction

July 8, 2016
“Kerala is like opening up a lucky bag of surprises. Surprises full with so much adventure, love, culture, and nature making that bag a quite heavy.“

Sometimes mysteries hide in plain sight. Like the tall pyramids of Egypt or the Stonehenge of England. But some mysteries and curiosities are hidden and have to be found and dugout. One such lies right in our backyard, Kerala. There’s a small village in Kerala called Kodinhi. Sounds simple and straightforward, but it’s in fact a strange little town.

Did we catch your attention? Are you curious enough? Read on to find out why all is not what it seems like in this village.

The mystery of Kodinhi

A small village, Kodinhi is home to just 2000 families, but here’s the strange part, this village recently came under international attention for having the most number of twin births. The village of Kodinhi is filled with twins.


India has one of the lowest twinning rates in the world, yet this village is known to have a high twinning rate. Research conducted disclosed that there are around 204 pairs of twins, and to make things stranger, most of them are identical. The strangeness of the tale doesn’t end here but takes another turn into a weird town. Some of the women of this village have married into far-off villages and tribes, they too have been known to give birth to twins.

Unexplained Phenomenon

So far Kodinhi sounds straight out of a thriller science fiction movie. A strange little village, difficult to access and riddled with an unexplained phenomenon of twins. Nobody knows the reason as to why the women of this village seem to be able to give birth only to twins. This was not always the case, seems like this strange phenomenon started three generations ago.

Genetic causes have been ruled out, leaving environmental issues as the cause behind this strange phenomenon. Some speculate that it’s the chemicals in the water that’s causing the birth of twins. But the truth of the fact is that no one knows the answer to this mystery. For now, Kodinhi remains an unsolved mystery.

The birth of twins might sound like a strange phenomenon, but Kodinhi isn’t the only place where this was spotted. The town of Igbo-ora in Nigeria and Cândido Godói an isolated community in Brazil seem to share the same kind of strangeness.

So the next time you get your Kerala tour packages and head on for a quaint little vacation down south, you might want to take a detour to Kodinhi and witness the mystery for yourself.

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