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Under the Tuscan Sun

February 27, 2015

Tuscany is a must for any visitor travelling to Italy. Though it has become synonymous with Italy, travellers flock to its famous cities and well preserved countryside not only to capture the breathtaking art, but also to be swept away by the magic of its enchanting landscapes. The country has so much exclusiveness to offer, from well known luxurious holiday destinations to private snow lodges and cabins in the mountains. With its endless vineyards and monumental castles, here are some hotels in Tuscany that are absolutely stunning.

Castello Banfi Il Borgo

Built around an ancient stone village, this 300 year old hotel Castello Banfi Il Borgo lies in the middle of the gorgeous country side, near the famous Brunello wine region. With several buildings on the 7,000 acre estate, Castello Banfi is a fortified hotel situated on a hill overlooking the surrounding vineyards. The exteriors of this structure has maintained the original form of a typical building of the 12th century, but the interiors are certainly contemporary - elegantly furnished, spacious, airy and enriched with every comfort. Castello Banfi, makes your holiday in this enchanting place truly unique.

Villa Fontelunga

A Villa Fontelunga is a villa with a rustic charm that comes equipped with with luxurious contemporary styling and unique concierge service. To match up your tailor-made home away from home, Fontelunga Villa is the perfect for large groups. Don’t look further if you have to bring a dog along. Your furry four-legged friend are permitted as well. Adding more to this stunning modern rustic style villa are pretty gardens, a sleek pool with sun terraces and a mix of classic and contemporary furniture. Crafted from traditional materials, this villa provides a stylish relaxing retreat in Tuscany.  

Quercia Rossa

At a distance from the wonderful hilltop of Marsillana plains, lies the unexplored Quercia Rossa featuring rustic architecture, blended with Rococo style of finesse. Don’t be put off by the house's exteriors. Beneath a 1970’s coat of concrete renders, lies a beautiful farmhouse. The landscape is completely unspoilt and the views from the pool are stunning. It is just perfect if you like a bit of peace and quiet in the middle of nowhere. Walled towns and beautiful wineries lie nearby.

Villa Mangiacane

Built in the 17th Century, Villa Mangiacane is not a castle, but definitely boosts the atmosphere of one. This marvellous villa, which is beautifully located in the Arno Valley, offers a stunning view from the top. The private estate produces three award winning wines and a distinctive olive oil which you can taste and enjoy during your stay. The classic beauty of Mangiacane combined with its history, art and idyllic countryside setting creates the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable Tuscan holiday. Experience the joy of modern day convenience combined with the splendour of the Renaissance.  

Boutique Hotel Ilio

Enjoy a fabulous vacation on the northern coast of the Island of Elba at the island's first ‘boutique’ hotel. The twenty bedrooms are all quite contemporary in style, each with a different theme, and there is certainly something to suit all tastes. The hotel also prides itself on its restaurant which offers classic Mediterranean cuisine with a heavy emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant also hosts regular photographic exhibitions. The atmosphere is quite laid-back making it a great destination for relaxation.