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These 5 houses are extremely weird

September 27, 2016
5 Upside down houses around the world
“Feel your life has turned upside down? You have something in common with these houses!”

The world we live in is very strange and bizarre. You never know what catches the fantasy of the people. And most often than not, it’s the really unusual that works. Such is the case with upside down houses. Yes, they are exactly as they sound, houses that are completely upside down, as seen in the picture above. Such is the attraction of people for it, upside down houses can be found all over the world. Well, almost.

From far and wide people book their flight tickets to visit these 5 unusual houses.

1. Upside down church - Canada

Upside down church, Canada

Let’s begin with this church. Designed by America artist Dennis Oppenheim, it’s called “Device to root out evil” As if swept off by some great force and brought to where it is, the church is seen balancing on a steeple. The balancing act is a truly scientific marvel.

2. Moscow’s new tourist attraction - Russia

Moscow's upside down house, Russia

It’s built to display a typical European summer house, albeit being upside down. The attention to detail is truly outstanding. The house is well furnished with refrigerator, a toilet and even an upside down car in the garage. Makes for interesting photo opportunities.

3. Upside down white house - Wisconsin, USA

Upside down white house, USA

If Russia’s on this list, how can the great US of A be far behind? USA took the concept of upside down houses one step further by replicating no ordinary house, but the White house itself. A huge tourist attraction, you cannot visit it without a guide. Some of the rooms are near perfect replicas, except for one detail, they’re upside down.

4. Geokkuro Jip - Incheon, South Korea

Geokkuro Jip, Incheon, South Korea

Built and designed by a former clothing designer, the 51 year old Jeon Yong-sun, today it’s an important pit stop for people from all over. That’s not all. On the opposite street, there’s even a tilted house cafe.

5. Rumah Terbalik - Malaysia

Rumah Terbalik, Malaysia

Fully equipped with kitchen, living room, bedroom, toilets, garden and verandah is the Rumah Terbalik, Malaysia’s very own upside down house. You can book a tour for it from their website. That’s not all, the compound even has 3D wonders museum. Malaysia truly goes all out when it comes to entertainment!