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Does this 48-second video of Sri Lanka do justice to its beauty?

August 16, 2016

‘Most often, it’s the unsung heroes that claim the spotlight as their own’. Having read this in a book a few weeks ago, the only one place that can claim to have full possession of those words is Sri Lanka.

Shrouded in mystery and often overlooked because of its large neighbouring countries, Sri Lanka is a mystery box in many ways. While most of its wonders have achieved the envious position of being UNESCO world heritage sites, it's the local vibes of Sri Lanka that deserve a honourable mention.

While a few seconds cannot define the wonders that Sri Lanka holds within itself, this 48-second video is a little glimpse of how my trip to Sri Lanka looked like. I admit, it's a nugget sized video, but the contents of the same will make you go weak in your knees and stir the wanderlust that hides in your soul.

A trip to Sri Lanka looks like this

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Author : Roshal Mascarenhas