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10 ‘Wild’ things that you will only experience in Madhya Pradesh

February 28, 2017
Bandhavgarh, MP

When you are the king of the jungle, but sleeping is life

Tiger sleeping on a branch in Bandhavgarh

When you want to stay home like a king, but your wife calls you for groceries

Raj Behera-s full grown cub

When your bestie is hungry, but all you have to give is your love

Spotted Deer with Drongo

When boss calls your name loudly and you become the centre of attraction

Barasingha in Kanha National Park

When you are late to office and your boss is already in

Raj Behera-s full grown cub walking like a king

When you are high, but still have to smile

Smiling jackal in Kanha

When you are the last one to enter the class and everyone's staring at you

Male Sambar in Bandhavgarh

When 'owl' you have is love, yet you are very lonely

An owl in Bandhavgarh

When your squad is all dressed up and no one shows up for the party

Peacocks scattered in Bandhavgarh

Author: Winnie Karnik